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Asser Schrøder Femø
CTO, bmetric

bmetric technologies are the perfect supplementary technology to your marketing cloud, Data Management Platform or Customer Data Platform — performing a new and important role within these technologies.

Google Analytics, Adobe, Adform

We are adaptable with all analytics systems. Connect the dots between display ads and the website; track campaigns and link this all to inbound calls. This outcome-based data can be fed through our feedback loop when reflecting and optimising; making for a flexible, and accurate, data-stitching process.

Google eCommerce

Track end-sales online. Fully connect online sales and the value of those sales to bmetric engagements, such as coupon usage or online customer assistance, and link those engagements to offline events in the call centre.


Prioritise and upsell intelligently. Deliver actionable customer journey data to sales agents. Conduct outbound calls with the assistance of contextual data about the customer and their online journey.

Call agents can interact with customers with insight into the customer’s current and previous journeys on your website, plus data about the products/information the customer has shown interest in; for informed cross-selling, upselling, and reduced overall waiting times for high-value leads.

Call-outcomes can be recorded by the call agent and fed back into the Intelligent Engagement system. Engagements can be further optimised, based on the subject matter and the success of your outbound calls. Allowing you to more accurately manage the levels of specific types of outbound calls.

Tealium inbound/outbound communication

Begin to engage your customers intelligently, with the data you already receive through the data and utag information. Influence the customer journey based-on a combination of their real-time data and tags from their previous customer journeys. Intelligent Engagement can include this data when deciding whether, and specifically how, to deliver an engagement.

bmetric can also send user data to Tealium server side or receive API calls from Tealium’s Universal Data Hub.

Two-way communication with bmetric's API

Send sales data or retrieve lead information stored in the database, such as the time and date of calls, and connect those sales to records in the CRM.


bmetric also has a webhooks system that can communicate with virtually any API, with basic authentication. Our webhooks also support custom headers and different body-encodings to adapt to your API.

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