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bmetric is a Danish-founded company from 2012, specialising in Website Visitor Interaction and Contact Option Personalisation.

Our remote-first team is located throughout Europe, dedicated to helping our clients.

We are proud to have been working with many of our clients since the inception of bmetric – when we first started delivering the Сall-tracking technology, over ten years ago.

Through the years our products and solutions have evolved with our customers, breaking new ground, building an entire platform for website interaction and contact option personalisation.

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Mads-Emil, CEO of bmetric
CEO of bmetric

Mads-Emil Gellert Larsen

Mads-Emil Gellert Larsen is the CEO of bmetric, a part of the founding group since the beginning. He’s a rare expert in the fields of MarTech and Call-centre systems and how they impact one another.

Often featured keynote speaker and workshop host.


Board of Directors

Chairman of The Board

Kathrine Stampe Andersen

Kathrine Stampe Andersen is the Chairman of The Board, experienced SVP, VP, Deputy Chair, Non-Exec Board Member, Senior Advisor & Business Angel with a proven track record from listed companies (Nasdaq OMX), Trade Associations, Governmental-initiated Public-Private Venture, Tech Start Ups, Political Think Tanks, News Media and Academics.

On a mission to make and shake digital growth in companies and societies. Always paying attention on the sweet spot where new tech-regulation means new digital business models.


Kathrine Stampe Andersen - Chairman of The Board

Janus Johannes Lindau

Board member / Co-founder LinkedIn

Jesper Drescher

Board member / Investor LinkedIn
Søren Jessen Nielsen

Søren Jessen Nielsen

Board member LinkedIn
Thomas Wind Bøglund

Thomas Wind Bøglund

Board member LinkedIn

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