How does bmetric work?

We gather data on your website visitors to create specific segments based on their persona or customer journey. Based on the segments, our trigger engine targets a specific persona with a personalised message in order to motivate conversion. The personalised message contains a call-to-action, fitting the situation the visitor is in. We make sure that the potential customer is directed to the correct webpage, email list or customer service agent. Please refer to our Technology page for a complete overview.

How much do bmetric services cost? What does the payment structure look like?

Pricing is determined based on the number of sessions on your website.

How do you install it?

bmetric installation require no IT resources. Our javascript can be installed using a tag manager or directly on your website. No additional technical resources are required and all engagement can be build and setup from our campaign editor.

To what extent does it interfere with current tools (make it positive) How does it integrate? Does It interfere?

Our platform doesn’t interfere with any other systems on your website - we deliver a complimentary service and aims to compliment existing infrastructure.

How do you gather the data? Can we use existing sources?

bmetric integrates with any other data source you may have available. These may include Google, Adobe, or a custom database. To learn more about bmetric’s technology and integrations, please visit our Technology page.

How does it work together with our existing marketing agency?

The bmetric platform is flexible and can be operated by any division of your company - even a third party marketing agency. Please refer to our Customer Success page to learn more about the ways that bmetric can be used by your team or third party agency.

Do you offer implementation and guidance?

What makes the bmetric platform unique is not just the technology itself, but the platform’s flexibility and the team that supports its functionality and success. bmetric can provide a fully managed service that guides your company all of the way from implementation to day-to-day operations. Our platform is flexible and easy to use, so anyone can use it - our customer success team, your own marketing team, or even a third party agency. Please refer to our Customer Success page to learn more about the ways that bmetric can be operated.

Where is your platform available?

The bmetric platform is currently available throughout Europe and North America. If you operate outside of either of these regions but are interested in learning more, feel free to get in touch here.

The bmetric platform uses data to collect information about your visitors and then uses that information to trigger personalised messaging aimed at prompting a purchase or desired behaviour. Messaging can be triggered based on where a customer is in the customer journey, browsing history on your website, the source from which the visitor navigated (i.e. Google, Facebook), or based on time spent or scrolling on specific pages. The platform allows you to create custom logic to ensure you make the most of bmetric’s capabilities.