Increase conversions and build trust;
with effortless, personalised experiences.

Increase online and offline sales with reduced cannibalisation

See increased leads and double lead-quality

Build a trusting relationship with customers through the omnichannel experience

All using minimal resources and none of your IT resources

It’s time to make deeper connections with today's homeowner. The expanding utilities market and the importance of self-service has changed the way homeowners evaluate their choice of utility provider. In such a competitive market with a pragmatic consumer, it’s the brand which positions itself as the most reliable and logical choice for the consumer which will stand apart from competitors. The modern insurance company must be customer friendly in UX/CX and have the capability to build upon long-term, trusting customer relationships.

bmetric technologies allow utility providers to be responsive to their target customers' needs and expectations, from the first introduction and throughout the B2C relationship.

Actively listening to your customers, and guiding each customer through the path-to-purchase is a laborious task, but it doesn't have to be. bmetric provide the full-service technologies apply customer data and customer journey analytics, with minimal resource usage and a full-service team to ensure you’re always getting the maximum return on investment from our technologies. It's the intelligent way to reconnect with today's utilities customer.

Intelligent Engagement

It’s all about asking the right

Should I engage the

Which is the optimal
contact channel?

What message
motivates action?

Today, there are plenty of new and exciting options open to somebody considering a new utility provider. Often, what indecisive browsers are missing is some efficient and friendly assistance.

This call-in engagement is just one of the many iterations we can set up to convert an indecisive browser into a loyal customer. When faced with too many alternatives, it can be difficult for a customer to make a calculated decision for themselves, in situations like this, having the ability to intelligently transition to the call centre can be the determining factor between a sale lost to a competitor and a life-long loyal customer.

With well over 600 potential routes to engagement, bmetric make sure that you’re there for your customers in the right way, exactly when they need you. We also acknowledge that things can change, for you and your customers. Our Feedback Loop allows you to effortlessly innovate and adapt to the future of your audience.

Get to know Intelligent Engagement, how it works, and what it can do you for you.

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bmetric Calltracker

What data can I get?

Marketing Data

  • A precise audit of your marketing spend.
  • Apply calltracking to retargeting, display, or offline advertising.
  • Accurately measure your ROI and optimise your marketing spend.

Customer Journey Data

  • Curate landing pages with relevant information and calls to action.
  • Conversion pages with an intuitive purchasing flow.
  • The ability to carry out split tests, to find optimal paths to purchase.

Calltracking can be both a feature in Onsite Channel Management and a stand-alone analytics system for your entire website.

Get to know bmetric's Call-tracking technology, and how it can boost your lead generation online, and in the contact centre.

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