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Transforming Phone Calls into Powerful Marketing Insights

Discover how Tryg Insurance leveraged bmetric call tracking to optimize marketing spend and uncover valuable insights from every call.

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Client Profile

Client Spotlight: Tryg Insurance

Industry leader in the Scandinavian insurance sector, Tryg Insurance faced the challenge of decoding the origins and outcomes of their numerous phone calls.

Dive into their journey from data obscurity to clarity.


“The Black Box of Phone Calls”

Origin Mystery: Understanding where the multitude of phone calls were coming from.

Outcome Uncertainty: Determining the result of these calls—were they converting into sales?


Illuminating Insights with bmetric Call Tracking

By integrating bmetric’s call tracking, Tryg Insurance gained unprecedented data-driven insights, transforming their approach to marketing spend and significantly improving their return on investment.

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Harnessing the power of call data – Avoiding spending bias for enhanced marketing ROI.

The data on the behaviour and call is then shared with relevant tracking, CRM & CDP systems such as Google Analytics, Adobe & Salesforce. This allows you to identify how your users behave before and after calling, conversion rate per call, the outcome of each call, call-heavy URLS, and call-heavy marketing sources.

Did the call end in a sale?
If so, where did the call originate from?

To address these challenges, they turned to call tracking.

Client Testimonial

“We have a lot of conversions on the phone. In fact, the phone channel dwarfs most other channels that we have. It would have severe consequences if we didn’t take phone calls into consideration when optimising our marketing efforts, as it would create a bias in our marketing spend towards different customer types choosing different channels.

Furthermore, not all conversations are good. Some are interactions we’d rather have online through self-service. Serving them on the phone are really just a cost and often experienced by the customer as a slow way to get served with limited availability. bmetric helps us to understand how we get more of the calls we do want, while minimizing the ones we don’t want. Without it, we would create a bias towards the conversions we can measure online, while turning a blind eye towards the majority of conversions and their behaviour.”

Martin Vinter
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Martin Vinter

Head of Nordic Web Analytics and Martech at Tryg

Unveiling the “Black Box”

bmetric call tracking allowed Tryg  Insurance to demystify the outcomes of their phone calls. Instead of treating them as an enigma, they categorised call outcomes as conversions, leads, or inquiries, providing unprecedented visibility into the effectiveness of their call handling.

Conversion Tracking Enhancement

Tryg effectively uses bmetric call-tracking to gain a precise count of phone-based conversions. This approach offers a comprehensive view of the efficacy of their website in generating customer calls, a key conversion metric for Tryg.

Efficient Budget Allocation

With clearer visibility into which marketing channels drive phone calls, Tryg can allocate resources more judiciously, ensuring a better return on investment. With precise data all the way from marketing source, to call outcomes, Tryg has automated marketing spend adjustments, but also ensured that their marketing budget was allocated based on performance and outcomes – rather than guesswork.

Technical Integration and impact


  • Tryg integrates bmetric call tracking data into their CDP, CRM and marketing systems. These integrations ensures that data on customer interactions through phone are as tangible as any other digital touch-point.
  • It also empowers systems like Google Ads 360 for automated marketing investment and allocation.
  • The goal was to make the entire data-stream fully automated so it was usable on a daily operational basis.
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    Client Testimonial

    “bmetric has a special and extremely good service. It works well for us that we don’t need any one individual to be an expert in your system, but can rely on bmetric to help us out and execute.”

    Martin Vinter
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    Martin Vinter

    Head of Nordic Web Analytics and Martech at Tryg

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