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for expert service.

Generate stronger leads

Boost sales

Enhance customer
service and build trust
with seamless
customer experience

All using minimal
resources and none of
your IT resources

Provide a seamless path-to-purchase and personalised customer assistance, with real-time data-driven customer journey management. Online travel-booking has opened a world of opportunity to prospective holidaymakers. Naturally, with the huge potential in holiday and travel possibilities, comes a whole new world of research and decisions to be made by the customer. The B2C relationship in this environment can be fragile in the beginning. With so much choice it’s easy for customers to lose focus, and difficult to make a confident decision without some expert assistance.

bmetric provides the full-service technologies to enable you to use data-driven insights to seamlessly guide and influence the customer experience.

Increase Online Lead Generation and Offline Sales, Intelligently.

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Buying a holiday is rarely a quick decision, so influencing your customer’s path-to-purchase can be a complex process. People require a much longer session-time to weigh the pros and cons of their selection. With bmetric, you can effectively trace your customers’ path-to-purchase, detect when assistance is needed, and steer your customer through the decision process, intelligently.

Mads-Emil H Gellert Larsen
CEO, bmetric

Intelligent Engagement

It’s all about asking the right

Should I engage the

Which is the optimal
contact channel?

What message
motivates action?

Here we have an example of an engagement segment which is connecting those customers who need some reassurance before making that big booking. They would like reassurance that they can trust you to be there for them if they need you.

Intelligent Engagement can see that they’ve taken everything into account, but they still have questions, and beginning to show exit intent. The customer will most likely look elsewhere for answers if they can't find them here. So the customer is presented with a call-in engagement, with a message directly offering advice for their current section of the path-to-purchase.

Intelligent Engagement proactively gathers and collates in-depth insights of the customer journey, and seamlessly engages with those customers who can benefit from some direct contact or an added incentive to make that booking.

Get to know Intelligent Engagement, how it works, and what it can do you for you.

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bmetric Calltracker

What data can I get?

Marketing Data

  • A precise audit of your marketing spend.
  • Apply calltracking to retargeting, display, or offline advertising.
  • Accurately measure your ROI and optimise your marketing spend.

Customer Journey Data

  • Curate landing pages with relevant information and calls to action.
  • Conversion pages with an intuitive purchasing flow.
  • The ability to carry out split tests, to find optimal paths to purchase.

Calltracking can be both a feature in Onsite Channel Management and a stand-alone analytics system for your entire website.

Get to know bmetric's Call-tracking technology, and how it can boost your lead generation online, and in the contact centre.

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See how Vitus uses bmetric Technology to unlock more increased sales from their current online journeys and customer contact.

Customers have an increased desire to seek more information themselves, combined with high expectations for an intuitive, personalised purchasing experience.

At bmetric we have a partner, who understands our business.

Signe Bonde Poulsen
Marketing Manager, Vitus Rejser