The Ultimate Guide For Travel Agencies – How to Increase your conversion rates

Did you know that 45% of total sales in travel come from online booking?

The way people book travel is changing.

Download the ebook below to discover:

  • Travel Companies challenges in 2016
  • What areas Travel Websites have to improve
  • What channels Travel Agencies need to focus on

Competition amongst travel companies online is hotter than ever.

It is predicted that at the end of 2015, 106.3 million people will book travel online, which is 52% of all Internet users.

So how to go along with all these new trends online that supposedly will increase conversions? We at bmetric have made life easier for travel agencies. We have put together an ebook that will reveal exactly what areas/channels to focus on for


It will certainly help to increase your conversions!

Knowing what is important to your website visitors when they are booking is crucial to success. But even more important is to know exactly who your customers are! Before we get to the areas/channels you need to focus on – it is your obligation to know your customers inside and out. Your business needs to be special for them to pick your service. Sure, it’s important to make money off your business, but there is no money if there aren’t any clients.

So, after figuring out exactly who your target group is, that is when you can start looking into certain areas for improvements. Simply using methods that seem to be working for others, is not a solution and quite frankly not enough.

By having a great customer base, there is already so much you can do. For example: positive reviews. Because 29% of consumers consider positive reviews as the most likely factor to make them book a holiday online. So how else could you stand out from all that competition?


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