Optimise customer contact,
increase and retain sales,

Boost lead generation
in the call centre

Elevate sales
efficiency of your call
centre interactions

between online and
offline sales

All using minimal
resources and none of
your IT resources

Unite the website and contact centre to achieve maximum cross-channel efficiency, optimise sales and service; all whilst enhancing the customer experience.

bmetric’s full-service technologies proactively gather and apply your customer journey data, to give the right customers, the appropriate channel, at the right time.

Conflicting KPI's between departments is a common obstacle for telecoms & media providers. You have to strike a balance between your eCommerce site and your telemarketing department. Each has their own strengths, when applied intelligently, towards the right customers.

bmetric technologies resolve this conflict by making sure that online-focused customers remain online, whilst saving the customer experience for those leads which would otherwise be lost, by routing them to a better-suited channel.

Janus Lindau
CEO, bmetric

Intelligent Engagement

It’s all about asking the right


Should I engage the


Which is the optimal
contact channel?


What message
motivates action?

Our Callback feature one of the unlimited variants of engagement we can implement to interact with the online customer experience. Some customers need a little extra information before they make that commitment. Often, all it takes is a friendly voice and reassurance to lead them through to purchase. Worry less about losing those careful customers. Intelligent Engagement can determine when a customer is truly interested, and take action before the customer leaves to a competitor.

Not only can our Intelligent Engagement platform provide well over 600 tailored calls to action to match the mindset of each customer, but it’s also engineered to avoid any cannibalisation of sales.

bmetric Calltracker

What data can I get?

Marketing Data

  • A precise audit of your marketing spend.
  • Apply calltracking to retargeting, display, or offline advertising.
  • Accurately measure your ROI and optimise your marketing spend.

Customer Journey Data

  • Curate landing pages with relevant information and calls to action.
  • Conversion pages with an intuitive purchasing flow.
  • The ability to carry out split tests, to find optimal paths to purchase.

Calltracking can be both a feature in Onsite Channel Management and a stand-alone analytics system for your entire website.

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