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Key Features

Audience analyser

Gather data on visitor behaviour and easily integrate with existing data sources.

Trigger engine

Target the right visitors with the right message.

Engagement center

Distribute leads to the correct department.


Real-time data on visitor and engagement performance.

Campaign editor

Set up and edit engagements yourself.

Export data

Receive essential data to the data warehouse of your choice.

A platform with three modules

Audience Analyser

We gather data on your website visitors to create specific segments based on their persona or customer journey.

Our platform can also use data from other data platforms.

  • adob
  • googl
  • cloud
  • core
  • inno
  • tdata

Trigger Engine

Based on the segments, our trigger engine targets a specific persona with a personalised message in order to motivate conversion.

Engagement Centre

The personalised message contains a call-to-action, fitting the situation the visitor is in. We make sure that the potential customer is directed to the correct webpage, email list or customer service agent.

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Technology that works


bmetric’s dashboard allows the user to visualise and easily interpret real-time data.

Understand how visitors are interacting with your website, measure the performance of engagements and campaigns all in one place.

Customise what you see on the dashboard based on time and segmentation.


Campaign editor

The campaign editor is where it all comes to life.

Manage campaigns and create elements for your website visitors to engage with.

Using rules and logic, you are able to customise when and under what circumstances visitors are exposed to an engagement.

Campaign editor

Export data

Being able to export data allows for seamless integration with any external systems your company may use. All of the data you see on the dashboard can be exported and used in other facets of your business - adding value to your company online and offline.

Export data

Start shaping onsite behaviour

No IT resources needed to get started

Simply install Javascript on website

Quickly begin shaping onsite behaviour