Liberate your inbound line.

Connect with more of the customers who need to call and fewer of those who don’t.

  • Help online-minded customers to help themselves
  • Cut queue lengths & reduce call transfers
  • Reduce the volume of avoidable inbound calls

Reduce and manage inbound call volumes

Intelligently match the right customers with the right channels, to reduce avoidable calls and cut transfers. Route customers based on the data of the online journey, to connect specific customers with an appropriate support channel.

Focus your call center on the customers who need to call you, by delivering customers to their best-matched channel. Complex support cases are solved more promptly by your best agents, while routine support requests are solved via online channels.

Are your customers calling because they prefer
to, or because they have to?

Encourage online support, for online-minded customers

Discover why customers are calling—to reduce avoidable calls the sustainable way. Promote cost-effective self-serve channels, and help customers to help themselves.

Are they calling because they haven't found the right online channel, or because what they tried didn't meet their needs?

Enhanced customer experiences
through the call center, and online.

Customer Experience

Intelligent routing means; shorter queues and fewer transfers to get customers to the assistance they came for.

With bmetric’s support solution, customers are proactively matched with channels, based on the customer’s current activity on your website—accounting for customer needs, channel capabilities, channel cost, and availability; for customer interactions that delight your customers and your contact center.

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Testing, evaluation, & optimization: All part of bmetric’s full-service

It's all part of the full-service we deliver via dedicated account managers. Rigorous testing and impact assessments are crucial for a positive lasting impact on your inbound call volumes.

As part of bmetric’s full-service; we learn what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, what could be done differently for future customer journeys.