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Increase sales while lowering service calls?

Some companies remove the phone number on the contact page, while adding a sales number on the frontpage.

It doesn’t give the desired effect!

But if you want actual results, we have designed a simple, hands-on approach to design a contact strategy for your website.

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Contact Strategy constitutes the work of having a deliberative approach of how to apply contact channels to your digital platforms.

The following document outlines the essential aspects of making that happen.

First, it’s important to determine KPIs that allow you to track the performance of each channel. It creates the foundation for comparing the performance of each channel and allows for validating the chosen strategy.

Secondly, to evaluate Harmony or Contrast between customer and company preferences in channel options and utilizations.

Thirdly, how to asses visitor intent, so that each channel is applied in accordance with the Contact Strategy; ie. making sure that each channel serves the customer needs that befit them the most.

Lastly, how to apply these elements to your website, so that it operates efficiently and towards a high customer satisfaction.

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An important, and often missed point in evaluating performance – is the holistic impact on the channels. Providing a channel option is likely going to increase the use of that channel. But use in itself is rarely the desired outcome.

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