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How to get happy customers and effective service

In today’s digital landscape, customers are faced with a constant overload of content and contact options. Working with bmetric solves this issue by balancing the right content and contact options to give visitors the best experience while keeping service costs low.

Personalise contact options to achieve higher efficiency and self-service

Keep high customer satisfaction by building safety nets of human driven service

Avoid commercial loss by routing sales interested visitors to service channels

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Using our Dynamic Call-tracking solution we analyse the cross-channel customer journeys and online user behaviour preceding a call. Utilising this data in our Personalisation Engine we design their next step and anticipate their needs to adjust contact options accordingly.

This reduction in the usage of human-driven assisted channels is achieved by proactively guiding users through the self-service channel.

bmetric’s personalization engine offers content and contact options that are personalised to specific visitors, making sure that the information and options displayed fit well with the journey.

Personalization Engine Offers
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Our decision-making software decides how to interact with visitors based on their behaviour and external factors like day of week, time of day, and contact centre availability.

For our customers we have achieved 10-20% reduction in total contact moments, but also helped replace expensive contact moments with cheaper and more efficient channels.

With bmetric, you can optimise your customer journeys across channels, creating a seamless experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

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What is required:

We recommend that you start with an Audit and Roadmap for the future. If that is already in place, collaboration will start through an onboarding process of around 1-2 months, based on which we’ll recommend an implementation, while also setting up integrations with call-centres and tracking systems.

  • Relevant stakeholders (website, call-centre & tracking) for onboarding meeting and approval of implementation.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly status meetings to align on optimisation steps and results.
  • Implementation of Engagement & Personalisation Engine and optionally Call-tracking.


discovery+ customer review

Andrea Crippa

Senior Retention Manager at Warner Bros Discovery (EMEA)

bmetric has always helped us deliver the best customer experience and content recommendations to our subscribers. It is not only easy to use but also manages to interact with our CRM systems efficiently, generating insights that help us understand how to improve our D2C strategy.

yousee customer review

Zakarias Balling Eddaif

When working as Operations Manager, Web Assisted Sales & Outbound at YouSee.

Our goal at YouSee is to provide customers with the best user experience. With bmetric, we're able to maintain the best possible response time to our potential customers and qualify our sales conversations, thereby creating a synergy between the online and offline efforts and the experience of buying our products ultimately resulting in the best availability for our customers.

tryg customer review

Jens Petersen

When working as Head of Online at Tryg Forsikring

At Tryg we have used bmetric for several years. In part to gain insight as to why customers are calling, so we can offer better help, faster; and in part to make sure that our user experience is the best possible across channels, whether you want to buy online or talk to our sales department. bmetric has always delivered swift and high-quality service.

Telia customer review

Rune Grønvaldt Hansen

Director of Online Sales at Telia

Telia wants the best for our customers, and that means striking a perfect balance in the user journey so that visitors are effortlessly able to buy online but also get the help they need in the call-centre - all depending on their personal preference. bmetric has helped us strike that balance. We have always experienced the highest urgency and care for our setup after working with bmetric for many years.

Greenchoice customer review

Paula Borsboom

Customer Journey Owner at Greenchoice

In the collaboration with bmetric, we gained a stronger insight into the customer journey of our website visitors, which allows us to shape our website to their needs and make sure they have the best experience with our services. With bmetric we are able to optimize our contact channel in such a way, that what we can create better digital experiences for our customers, and we can also increase our website performance from a sales perspective.

Delta Energie customer review

Jeffrey van Peer

Online Marketeer at Delta Energie

At Delta Energie we are constantly looking for potential improvements in order to serve our audience in the right way, via the desired contact channel. Since 2020, bmetric has helped us with this, through the successful use of a customer contact strategy and finding the balance between online and offline sales. The pleasant cooperation and the high-quality reporting will undoubtedly result in better digital information, increased self-service actions and new sales also this year.

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