Boost subscriptions,

Increase your
non-subscriber to
subscriber conversion

engagements to
personalise reader

Reduce your
dependence on
below-the-line promotions

Boost cooperation
between the website
and contact centre

All using minimal
resources or none of
your IT resources

Modern publishers need to get personal in order to convert potential subscribers intelligently; that means engaging without disrupting the reader or those who will not be converted.

Know the difference between a new reader, a returning reader, and the nuanced subcategories amongst those segments.

Deliver tailored onscreen calls-to-action, to turn those readers into subscribers.

Reduce your dependence on below-the-line promotions, and gain actionable insights to intelligently target your email newsletters.

Let’s build upon the connections you make with non-subscribed readers.

For publishers, converting readers into subscribers has become the number one challenge in this digital world. It's important to identify the reader's relation to your brand, our technology does exactly that.

We give you the ability to really map the customer journey, with the capability to divide segments and start showing messages based on the reader's state-of-mind.

With Intelligent Engagement, you can achieve major improvements in your conversion rates.

Janus Lindau
CEO, bmetric

In this example, the intelligent engagement only appears in the debate section on for the first 24 hours of a new article's release, and on articles that are 14 or more days old. The graphics are bespoke, so the section and segment go hand-in-hand. There is no limit to the rules we can apply regarding exactly, how and when a defined reader segment will be engaged. bmetric build and regulate these sets of rules to make sure that we’re only ever optimising your conversion rate.

Intelligent Engagement

It’s all about asking the right


Should I engage the


Which is the optimal
contact channel?


What message
motivates action?