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To identify & execute intelligent engagements on your website

Achieve up to 23% increase in new sales

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bmetric’s unique features have helped make a significant increase in our conversion rate. The segments made and personalised messages for our readers are very effective and that of course is really important for a newspaper company.

We are very happy to vork with bmetric and feel that they challenge and develop our digital marketing on

Anders Heimann Villumsen Marketing Manager at Information

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Getting subscribers from your visitors

For publishers, converting readers into subscribers has become the number one challenge in this digital world.

It's important to identify the reader's relation to your brand and our technology does exactly that. We help plan your customer journey, as when you start dividing segmentations and start showing messages based on those factors, you will start seeing major improvements in your conversion rates.

The Experience Asking the right questions


Shoud I engage the


Which channel is best for
the customer journey?


What message motivates
the action?

The Technology bmetric conversion platform

Data Analyser

Data gathering
& integration

Intelligent Engagement

1. Segment

2. Channel

3. Message


Lead distribution
& integration

Feedback loop

Continuously improve engagements

The Service

Continuous optimisation

Combining human experience and intuition, with computing power and data. Working with bmetric is a continuous process of optimization.


Both live from our dashboard
(or integrated to your own) and also with a monthly top-level summary on most important results and initiatives.

Personal account manager and Butler Service

We are always working on implementation and optimization for your setup — and of course available for questions when the need arise.

Example of an engagement Goal and why

To engage potential customers showing purchase interest in a specific product. If the visitor doesn’t take action online, the best available call-centre option is available depending on the day.

Engage non-subscribers on the debate section who have visited an article/articles.The segment only matches on the debate section on the first 24 hours of a new article release, and on articles that are 14 or more days old. The graphics are specifically made so that the section and segment go hand-in-hand.