The Data-led
Sales Funnel

Intelligently target onsite promotions and reinforce your online sales funnel.

  • Generate & qualify hot leads
  • Reduce bounce rates & churn
  • Increase conversions
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Boosting conversions, intelligently.

Serving as the hub for almost all customer journeys, your website, and how well it can adapt to each visitor’s browsing intent, is now fundamental to achieving conversions from your online marketing and sales efforts.

A website that can adapt promotions to match signals of visitor intent, and step in at points of friction, provides a key point of leverage to intelligently boost conversions.

The Machine Learning Sales Funnel

The Online Conversion Platform begins by analyzing the customers’ journeys through your website. Upon deciding that a visitor should be engaged in order to achieve a conversion, the solution engages that specific visitor onsite with an appropriate message, and call-to-action to achieve a conversion.

Adaptive engagements to suit your conversion needs

Engagements can be designed to match the variety of journeys in your current online traffic. Common purposes for engagements include helpful reminders and incentives, to boost conversions/sign-ups and reduce churn in the funnel, and engagements to offer an appropriate alternative channel, for times when the self-serve flow cannot be retrieved.

Machine Learning as a Full-service

This solution is provided by bmetric as part of a full-service: meaning our engagements’ purpose, design, placement, and triggers are all finely-tuned by our Customer Success department. On top of that, careful planning, optimization, and reporting are all managed via a personal account manager.

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