Turn web-traffic into inbound calls

Boost inbound sales call volumes with a machine learning solution to integrate your call center with the website.

  • Boost inbound leads to your call center
  • Convert the leads that would have been lost
  • Connect with the customers who need to talk
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Why integrate with the website?

A percentage of the website visitors who churn online would have been converted by your call center. Without a way to engage during the online session, your call center can’t begin to convert those leads.

The Integrated Call Center

Our Inbound/Outbound Lead Boost solution engages specific online visitor segments with a targeted call-to-action, prompting specific visitor segments—those who are stuck or perhaps showing exit-intent—to call you instead of churning.

This solution boosts call center leads without cannibalizing or disrupting the other online sales customer journeys. We can also go further, qualifying your leads on the website.

Boosting Outbound Leads

Offering callbacks can boost offline leads, cut call abandon, and call blockage rates, by converting the awkwardly-timed inbound calls into hot outbound leads.

While it’s known that Outbound calls often lead to more frequent and higher-value conversions, Callback engagements can also be applied to capture leads whenever your call center can’t. When your inbound queue is getting full, or when your call center is unavailable or about to close for the day, presenting a callback engagement means you don’t have to lose lead-opportunities during those times. Callbacks are also part of our Sales Efficiency solution.

Machine Learning as a Full-service

Integrating your call center requires a data-led solution that’s designed to both learn and optimize; our Lead Boost solution is exactly that—delivered as a full-service solution. Implementation, testing, reporting, and optimization are all handled by our Customer Success department and your assigned account manager.

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