Customer Success Manager (Full Time)

At bmetric we are looking for a full time Customer Success Manager. As a Customer Success Manager it’s your responsibility to setup and support our clients in our technology and services. Among your assignments:

  • Handle customer relations
  • Handling optimisation of customer engagements (Conversion Platform)
  • Handle onboarding of customers to Conversion Platform.
  • Analysing data/reporting data results to customers
  • You will learn to become a Conversion Optimisation Specialist

A specific education is not required. However, you speak and write english fluently and speaking one of the three nordic languages is an advantage (Danish, Swedish or Norwegian).

You would never write “Word” as an IT Competency – that sorta implied. But you might have toyed around with mods for computer games, written web pages in markup languages or worked with website design.

Preferably you have worked with or would love to learn about data analysis and application.

You’re a nerd that’s passionate about technology, and you have the patience and urge to solve complicated problems or puzzles. Also, you’re not afraid to talk to other human beings as customer contact is a daily part of the job.

Finally you thrive in an environment where nothing is like yesterday and everything is constant flux.

The job requires intensive training in our software, our commercial knowledge and how implement our solution. This will be a part of the job.

bmetric is a four year old company located at the heart of Copenhagen at Store Kongensgade. We help larger companies with an online commercial presence to nudge and persuade their website visitors to complete a purchase or to advance and promote a commercial decision.

For more information or application contact:
CEO, Janus Lindau,

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