Intelligent Engagement

Decision-making technology to boost and optimise online/offline channel performance—whilst enhancing customer experiences.

Data Analyzer

The right data, for better decisions and ideal outcomes.

The difference between good and bad CX personalisation lies in the data. Intelligent Engagement is the intelligent approach to personalisation. Capture each customer’s state-of-mind-upon arrival, and personalise engagements, based on relevant customer journey data.

Intelligent Engagement is built to integrate with your current DMP/CDP; making use of relevant data, to optimise customer journeys and deliver a fuller percpective of customer experiences.

Decision Engine

Optimisation, it’s about asking the right questions.

Deciding whether, and how, to engage is a key function within Intelligent Engagement. To put it simply, engagements are delivered based on 3 main questions, though there is no limit to the number of parameters and triggers we can apply:

  • Is there value in engaging this customer?
  • Which channel will provide the most cost-efficient route to customer satisfaction?
  • What message will bring this customer to the channel?

bmetric has the potential to provide 600+ responsive routes to engagement. To manage customer experiences effectively, with accuracy and efficiency, you must not be limited in your routes to engagement.

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Automated the delivery of responsive engagements; tailored to personalise customer experiences, and optimise channel performance.

Whether you're looking to increase high-quality callbacks, recapture a percentage of lost conversions, or reduce routine service calls. Our automated intelligent engagements are designed in cooperation with you, to reach your online and offline engagement goals. We’re ready to apply our knowledge and experience to your business goals.

Omnichannel Nurturing

Achieve omnichannel harmony.

At points of churn or friction, customers are routed, seamlessly, to the appropriate channel. Cross-channel data-led decisions allow Intelligent Engagement to reduce cross-channel cannibalisation—your online-minded customers will remain online.

Customers who require offline contact are transitioned through to the optimal communication channel.

Learn more about Intelligent Engagement in your current omni-channel setup.

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Feedback Loop

Reflect and optimise, to upgrade your channel strategy.

Adapt, effortlessly, to the nature of your audience; with Intelligent Engagement's responsive model. bmetric's Feedback Loop measures the outcome of every engagement, to make every future engagement more positive and cost-effective than the last.

Intelligent Engagement adapts and evolves to suit your future customers and match your channelling strategy; continuing to maximise your returns from our technology.

Further optimise your online and offline operations with the Feedback Loop.

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The Service

Full-service Optimisation

In choosing bmetric's machine learning technology, you gain a combination of technical experience, and industry expertise, to apply to your channel management strategy.


You'll have access to live-reporting via the bmetric dashboard, or integrated into your own dashboard. Plus your monthly top-level summary on the most important results, learnings, and initiatives.

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Personal Account Manager and Butler Service

Our customer success team are not only dedicated to the implementation and optimization for your Intelligent Engagement setup, but they're also on-hand for requests, queries, and co-work, should the need arise. bmetric is proactive in ensuring that you get the maximum return-on-investment from Intelligent Engagement.