Intelligent Engagement

A cross-channel solution between the website and the call centre, providing data-driven insights to optimise your customer contact, whilst enhancing the customer expereince.

Data Analyzer

The key to optimisation lies in the intricacies.

Are you looking to optimise each and every customer experience? Looking to gather more actionable data from your CDP or calltracking, and apply it to your CX and channel management strategy? To do it effectively, you must first have the data and the tools to capture each customer’s state of mind, from the point of arrival.

Our conversion platform will gather and collate actionable data points, to deliver valuable, CX relevent insights. bmetric technologies will integrate with your current DMP/CDP; it makes use of the relevant data, to optimise customer journeys and arrivals.


Optimisation, it’s about asking the right questions.

Deciding whether and how to engage is a key function within Intelligent Engagement. To put it simply, it's about asking 3 questions:

  • Is there value in engaging this customer?
  • Which channel will provide the most cost-efficient route to customer satisfaction?
  • What message or call-to-action will bring this customer to that channel?

bmetric has the potential to provide 600+ responsive routes to engagement. To manage customer experiences effectively, with accuracy and efficiency, you can't be limited in your routes to engagement.

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Automated delivery of responsive engagements, tailored to enhance the customer experience and optimise your channel's performance.

Whether you're looking to increase high-quality callbacks, recapture a percentage of lost conversions, or reduce routine service calls? Our automated intelligent engagements are designed in cooperation with you, helping you to achieve targets across departments. We’re ready to apply our knowledge of what works to your customer contact and eCommerce KPIs.


Achieve Omnichannel harmony.

The visitor is intelligently routed to the appropriate channel, through behaviour based decision-making. Whilst eliminating points of friction in omnichannel routing, our decision engine works to reduce cross-channel cannibalisation; Your online-minded customers will remain online.

Customers who require offline contact are transitioned seamlessly, via intelligent engagement, to the optimal communication channel.

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Feedback Loop

Reflect and optimise, to reach the higher potential of customer contact.

Effortlessly adapt into the changing nature of your audience. Intelligent Engagement is a responsive model; our Feedback Loop makes sure to measure the outcome of every engagement. The technology does this with a view to making every future engagement more cost-effective than the last.

This is part of how Intelligent Engagement adapts and evolves to suit your future customers and your channel management strategy. Maximising your returns from our technology.

Learn how our Feedback Loop can further optimise your online and offline operations.

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The Service

Data-led Optimisation

By working with bmetric, you'll gain a combination human experience and expertise applied to your customer-base, with machine-learning and an added percpetive on your customer data.


Choose either live from our dashboard or integrated to your own, with a monthly top-level summary on the most important results, learnings and initiatives.

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Personal Account Manager and Butler Service

Our customer success team are dedicated to implementation and optimization for your setup — and of course available for questions and co-work, should the need arise.

AI and machine learning are becoming essential tools for modern businesses. bmetric deliver powerful technology as a full-service solution. Our expertise ensure that you’re always getting the maximum return on investment, requiring none of your IT resources.