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To identify & execute intelligent engagements on your website

Achieve up to 23% increase in new sales

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How call-back solutions drive
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As a customer-owned company, we have a strong focus on revitalizing the old original virtues of insurance. We have a strong intention of rebuilding trust and changing the way we build products. We want our customers to feel our trust and to feel sure, that they will get the help they need, when in need. But it’s an ongoing task to reach that goal.

Michael Herold Eschenburg Digital Transformation Manager at Købstædernes Forsikring

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Trust is of the utmost importance in the rapidly changing world of insurance

Insurance companies sell the comfort and chance to sleep well at night. It’s extremely immaterial until the moment the need occurs. At that point the customer experience is everything. Until then it’s about trust and making a purchase as easy as possible for a complicated product.

At bmetric we have the experience, technology, and service adding to your existing tech stack to nudge visitors to action and have your website and call center play nice.

The Experience Asking the right questions


Shoud I engage the


Which channel is best for
the customer journey?


What message motivates
the action?

The Technology bmetric conversion platform

Data Analyser

Data gathering
& integration

Intelligent Engagement

1. Segment

2. Channel

3. Message


Lead distribution
& integration

Feedback loop

Continuously improve engagements

The Service

Continuous optimisation

Combining human experience and intuition, with computing power and data. Working with bmetric is a continuous process of optimization.


Both live from our dashboard
(or integrated to your own) and also with a monthly top-level summary on most important results and initiatives.

Personal account manager and Butler Service

We are always working on implementation and optimization for your setup — and of course available for questions when the need arise.

Example of an engagement Goal and why

To engage potential customers showing purchase interest in a specific product. If the visitor doesn’t take
action online, the best available call-centre option is available depending on the day.

*This is not a real Insurance website

This engagement only reaches non-customers. The bottom-bar, which we call the “smart bar”, appears when a visitor lands on a specific part of the website. The “smart bar” adapts to a visitor segment and the time of day they are online. Ex. within the opening hours there’s an option to call-in (depending on product and visitor segment various departments), but outside opening hours there’s an option to contact via text instead. In addition to this, it’s always possible to request an offer on a product or to get a callback.