2017 Insurance & Beyond:

How to build customers’ trust in the digital world?

Trust is of utmost importance in the rapidly changing insurance world.

The entire insurance industry is founded on trust. But gone are the good old days when a trusted insurance agent showed up at your parents’ house and sat down at mum’s kitchen table to discuss your family’s insurance needs. Insurance is now mostly sold online: an increasingly automated and impersonal form of self-service.

But the industrialisation and increased professionalism of the industry has lead to greater distance and lack of personal knowledge between the insurer and insured, which has caused a lack of trust. So the question is: How can insurers take advantage of the changing consumer behaviour and technology in order to restore trust?

Our team has joined forces with industry experts – Michael Herold Eschenburg and Susanne Møllegaard – to answer some of the insurance industry’s most complex questions.

In this ebook you will find:
• Conflict issues that exist between insurers and customers
• Our look into the future of insurance sales with expert advice
• How these predictions are the beginning of restoring trust

Insurance and Beyond

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