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Intelligent Engagement How Not To Interrupt The User Journey

Should I engage a visitor?

Depending on the desired outcome of the engagement there are three primary reasons to engage a visitor. The first, to secure a conversion that otherwise would have been lost. A second, when an upsell is possible. The third, to steer the customer journey.

With bmetric we have the technology and fully managed service to help you make the right choice, increase conversion and improve the customer journey.

Which channel will secure a conversion?

Many commercial websites are designed solely with an online purchase preference in mind and this is impacting sales potential. The reality is that there is still a large segment of visitors who have an offline purchase preference.

Depending on the preference, it is important to select the right channel for the right situation.

This could be an offer of phone support, an email permission request or an online offer promotion.

What message motivates action?

It is proven that directing targeted messages to specific visitors can deliver far greater results. Generic messages can often do more harm than good. Most companies are familiar with using split tests in order to ensure an: appealing message, effective marketing campaign or performant website.

Testing could support A, B, and C style message types being presented to visitors based on these constant iterations. When all aspects can be measured this ensures the continual ability to deliver better results and provide visitors with what they need to become customers.

Constant iteration that brings value - Feedback loop

We recommend taking what you have learned from answering these three questions and putting it into a feedback loop. This way you can constantly iterate in order to find the most effective user journeys, channels and messages that resolve in an actual conversion, not just a lead.

By applying this knowledge, you will be able to: engage the right visitor, with the right message, at the right time.

Re-Think, Don’t Re-Start You don’t need a new website to improve your conversion

Your website has been built and is getting traffic. But you’re losing sales. What could the issue be?

At bmetric, we want businesses to understand that not all of their visitors are the same. Our team has joined forces with industry experts – Matthias Bettag, Martin Wilson, Sanne Dollerup, Janus Lindau – to answer some of the industry’s most complex questions.

bmetric invites you to learn more about:

  • Why your traffic doesn’t translate to conversions
  • How a lot of the reasons are connected and how to understand them
  • Why personalisation plays a big role in getting conversions
  • Main problems to focus on – Expert tips and thoughts

Different online shoppers and how to win them all