The Experience, The Technology and The Service

To identify & execute intelligent engagements on your website

Achieve up to 23% increase in new sales

Find out how

Re-Think, Don’t Re-Start You don’t need a new website to improve your conversion

Your website has been built and is getting traffic. But you’re losing sales. What could the issue be?

At bmetric, we want businesses to understand that not all of their visitors are the same. Our team has joined forces with industry experts — Matthias Bettag, Martin Wilson, Sanne Dollerup, Janus Lindau — to answer some of the industry’s most complex questions.

bmetric invites you to learn more about:

  • Why your traffic doesn’t translate to conversions
  • How a lot of the reasons are connected and how to understand them
  • Why personalisation plays a big role in getting conversions
  • Main problems to focus on — Expert tips and thoughts

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Attract and retain customers

It’s already a challenge to attract customers in retail, but an even bigger mission is to retain those customers. By identifying the opportune moments on when to engage with offers, coupons or help is essential for retail.

We at bmetric know that and have the technology that can increase your sales up to 23%. We never leave you alone with our technology. We will always be there to leverage and provide value.

The Experience Asking the right questions


Shoud I engage the


Which channel is best for
the customer journey?


What message motivates
the action?

The Technology bmetric conversion platform

Data Analyser

Data gathering
& integration

Intelligent Engagement

1. Segment

2. Channel

3. Message


Lead distribution
& integration

Feedback loop

Continuously improve engagements

The Service

Continuous optimisation

Combining human experience and intuition, with computing power and data. Working with bmetric is a continuous process of optimization.


Both live from our dashboard
(or integrated to your own) and also with a monthly top-level summary on most important results and initiatives.

Personal account manager and Butler Service

We are always working on implementation and optimization for your setup — and of course available for questions when the need arise.

Different online shoppers and how to win them all