Increase your response rate

The Contact- & Form Builder empowers dynamic elements that are tailored to your visitors’ needs. Personalise and adjust the content of your contact elements so they communicate the contact channels that best solves your visitors “job-to-be-done”.

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Personalised Visitor Experiences

Break free of generic templates and engage in your style

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Reduced Technical Dependency

Go live now – no need to wait for IT or compromise website integrity

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Seamless integration

No need to worry about, or waste time on, connecting systems yourself

Key features

  • Fully customizable look and template creation
  • Easy and quick to edit or change
  • Performance reporting on all lead gathering and contact options; from inbound phone calls to website click – with detailed analytics data on visitor use
  • Direct integrations with core systems like analytics, advertising, call-centre, CRM and CDP – no need for 3rd parties to connect data
  • Popular capabilities like activation hours, timers & website behaviour
  • Advanced capabilities to create engage visitors and activate based on data from CDP/CRM systems
  • Experimentation & Split-test functionality
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    Data-points that are relevant to call-centres

    Confidence in performance – secure your budget

    bmetric is born out of data analytics and secures detailed data reporting and forwarding.

    We provide a comprehensive view of all visitor interactions across all channels whether online, email, inbound, outbound, chat or bots.

    And, we make sure that the data is available in the rest of your tech-stack too.

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    Stay compliant & engage with visitors who value privacy – legally

    Our technology offers both a consent and privacy mode.

    This enables your organisation to comply with international regulation regarding privacy, all the while not ignoring the 30+% of your visitors who do not consent to tracking.

    With bmetric your organisation can create privacy compliant interactions and engagements.

    Data-points that are relevant to call-centres


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    Contact Option Personalisation

    Provide website visitors with personalised contact options in line with company strategy

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    Contact Option Performance

    Secure reliable data on contact options and lead performance.

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    Sales Leads

    Maximise lead volume or sales efficiency through inbound or outbound lead gathering

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    Email Permissions

    Expand your marketing audience by gathering email permissions

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    Online Promotions

    Increase sales and conversion rate on your e-commerce site by running campaign promotions.

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    Survey & Customer Satisfaction

    Improve your customer experience and conversion rates by connecting the dots.

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    discovery+ logo

    Andrea Crippa

    Senior Retention Manager at Warner Bros Discovery (EMEA)

    bmetric has always helped us deliver the best customer experience and content recommendations to our subscribers. It is not only easy to use but also manages to interact with our CRM systems efficiently, generating insights that help us understand how to improve our D2C strategy.

    yousee logo

    Zakarias Balling Eddaif

    When working as Operations Manager, Web Assisted Sales & Outbound at YouSee.

    Our goal at YouSee is to provide customers with the best user experience. With bmetric, we’re able to maintain the best possible response time to our potential customers and qualify our sales conversations, thereby creating a synergy between the online and offline efforts and the experience of buying our products ultimately resulting in the best availability for our customers.

    tryg logo

    Jens Petersen

    When working as Head of Online at Tryg Forsikring

    At Tryg we have used bmetric for several years. In part to gain insight as to why customers are calling, so we can offer better help, faster; and in part to make sure that our user experience is the best possible across channels, whether you want to buy online or talk to our sales department. bmetric has always delivered swift and high-quality service.

    Telia logo

    Rune Grønvaldt Hansen

    Director of Online Sales at Telia

    Telia wants the best for our customers, and that means striking a perfect balance in the user journey so that visitors are effortlessly able to buy online but also get the help they need in the call-centre – all depending on their personal preference. bmetric has helped us strike that balance. We have always experienced the highest urgency and care for our setup after working with bmetric for many years.

    Greenchoice logo

    Paula Borsboom

    Customer Journey Owner at Greenchoice

    In the collaboration with bmetric, we gained a stronger insight into the customer journey of our website visitors, which allows us to shape our website to their needs and make sure they have the best experience with our services. With bmetric we are able to optimize our contact channel in such a way, that what we can create better digital experiences for our customers, and we can also increase our website performance from a sales perspective.

    Delta Energie logo

    Jeffrey van Peer

    Online Marketeer at Delta Energie

    At Delta Energie we are constantly looking for potential improvements in order to serve our audience in the right way, via the desired contact channel. Since 2020, bmetric has helped us with this, through the successful use of a customer contact strategy and finding the balance between online and offline sales. The pleasant cooperation and the high-quality reporting will undoubtedly result in better digital information, increased self-service actions and new sales also this year.

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