Calltracking Technology

Connect-the-dots between online/offline journeys, to optimise customer contact and enhance the customer experience.

Onsite Tracking Number

Intelligent Inbound.

Connect offline customer contact to online customer journeys, to identify the specific sources of inbound calls.

Calltracking connects-the-dots between the homepage, marketing and inbound phone calls. To build a fuller picture of the customer’s needs, and their expectations of the call centre experience.

Inbound Call

Proactive Reporting.

Build comprehensive reports, linking online activity to your inbound leads. Gain the ability to audit the performance of your online content, and it's alignment with contact centre goals.

Looking for a realtime, data-led perspective of your online CX?

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Information Transfer

Intelligently Optimised CX.

With bmetric call-tracking, you can provide proactive, efficient, data-driven assistance to customers. Contextual online data is delivered directly to the call representative.

Data-driven customer contact will:

  • Deliver customer-centric service like never before.
  • Optimise conversion rates.
  • Gain leverage over inbound call distribution.

Run your contact centre operations with an enhanced data-led perspective.

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Data Collation

A fully-integrated call centre optimisation solution.

The context of every call can be recorded directly into your DMP or CDP. It consists of valuable insights which can be applied to optimise your information architecture or maintain a precise marketing spend.

Calltracking is built to integrate seamlessly with your current CRM stack; providing data to pin-point the sources of inbound calls.

bmetric calltracker is easy to install

It only requires Javascript to be placed on your website; either directly or through your tag manager.

Use a whitelist of phone numbers

The technology automatically swaps the original phone number with a tracking number.

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Seamless calltracking

A visitor who calls a tracking number is immediately redirected to the original phone number; without ever noticing a difference.

However, the difference it makes for your contact centre KPIs, UX and employee experience is powerful.