Get to work on the right kinds of calls.

Get the data to optimize offline & online support.

  • Focus on the right kinds of customer service calls
  • Link inbound call volumes to their prior online journey
  • Attribute call outcomes to online behavior

We’re fully integrable into your current tech stack.

We’re constantly adding new integrations.

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It’s time to understand your inbound.

Customer service departments can’t trace the online sources of inbound calls. Without this data, your call center support is detached from the online part of your inbound customer journey. Support requests aren’t finding the appropriate online channels as quickly as they could be, Call-tracking provides the data to manage and reduce inbound at the source.

Discover the source of your inbound.

By connecting with the context of your inbound calls, you can decide which service requests to meet with an online support touchpoint before service requests meet your call center. Focus your call center resources on the customers who need to be assisted over the phone. The data from bmetric Call-tracking gives you the leverage to manage the inbound in this way.

What’s more, it’s simple to implement on any website and provides data that will enrich your wider tech stack.

A smart but simple technology

Implementing Call-tracking is easy. The Javascript can be implemented on your website, either directly or through a tag manager—our Customer Success agents work with you on this.

Get in touch, see how Call-tracking can be implemented on your website and within your wider tech stack.