Here’s the inbound you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s increase & optimize your call center conversions — the data-driven way.

  • Increase & optimize call center conversions
  • Understand online-to-call center customer journeys
  • Link online actions to inbound calls

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Bringing call center sales into the online-first market.

Today, the majority of your inbound sales leads begin their customer journey online. For data-led sales interactions that connect with customers, it’s important to learn the intents of those inbound calls and where they’re coming from within your company website or marketing channels.

The inbound you’ve been waiting for.

With bmetric’s Call-tracker, your call center can finally utilize the data from online journeys, by linking inbound calls to their online source. Now you can measure the impact of website changes to influence the kind of sales calls you receive, then and align your call center’s skill-sets to prepare for the right kind of inbound.

Our Call-tracker is simple to implement on any website, and provides data to enrich your wider tech stack; take a look further↓

A smart but simple technology

Implementing Call-tracking is easy. The Javascript can be implemented on your website, either directly or through a tag manager—our Customer Success agents work with you on this.

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