Your Prospects Are More Than “Internet Users”

Todays post is a friendly summer reminder from our Sales Director Pernille Solvig Graux, that there is more to business in the 21st century than online forms. Before she started working in bmetric she was Sales Director at Success Factors, Ticket Master and Secunia.


Your Prospects Are More Than “Internet Users”

Frankly speaking – is your website designed to accommodate the 4 out of 5 prospects, that – despite the global online revolution – still prefer to research online but purchase by phone and through conversations with real people?

Or is your site more a result of that great inspiring seminar you attended, focusing on catching revenue in the new attractive online-purchasers-world?

And did you, or your colleagues, recently challenge whether today’s business environment realistically is one where all products and services are ordered online?


Force the Form?

Is your attitude to insist on driving prospects to do more online, hoping that they will eventually enjoy it and one day end up buying your services online?
And is your budget adjusted accordingly?

Or does your business pride itself on the attitude, that no matter how the prospect wishes to buy, you will do everything in your power to meet them? Simply because driving revenue is key and competitors are breathing down your neck constantly?

Have you seriously asked yourself the question: How do we ensure that no interest from any channel is lost in our rush to focus on online buyers? – And what was the answer?

What if the most obvious area to push more sales – and more importantly the highest potential – is identified to be prospects that research online, but purchase offline?

Consider for a moment that more incoming leads by phone generate more revenue.


Phone Calls Generate More Revenue!

Did you know that customers who have had a phone conversation with an employee in your company are twice as likely to shop again… even online?
Or that inbound sales reps have larger average deal sizes than online average deal size?
Or that having customer service by phone increases customer satisfaction?

The question is, why not cultivate this thought?
Why the solitary focus on online sales?

Was it because you’ve heard that offline results are difficult to measure or inaccurate?

Or was your reluctant approach more a question of executing an online only strategy?

Whatever the reason, reconsider – take another look at your inbound/online sales strategy today. We know that offering your customers the chance to call you and making sure they are able to do so very easily, creates amazing results.


Our Experience

During the past year, we’ve learned that the motivations for our customers vary when it comes to implementing bmetric CallTracker. Some marketers initially just call us out of curiosity, simply because they find it hard to believe that offline conversion can be tracked like online traffic.

Others call us when the task is to drive more sales and phone conversions becomes a primary focus for expansion. And others again, because they want to ensure the customer experience is great and heard that our tool can help them do the magic.

We strive to deliver genuine insights into both the nature and origin of calls, making sure you get more of what you need to become even more successful.


What air is to breathing, insight is to a successful marketer….

Just give us a call.



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