Travel Agency Increases Online Lead Generation and Offline Sales [CASE STUDY]

If there were 10 commandments for marketing, #1 would be: KNOW THY CUSTOMER! Vitus Rejser is fully aware of that and is focused on tackling it. A problem most companies have a hard time fixing.

Vitus Rejser wanted to increase their website conversion rate to make the online marketing budget more efficient. Vitus also needed to determine if those visitors, who show an interest in buying a vacation, are identified and engaged.

The channel-surfing customer of today is expecting a better cross-channel experience and this is where bmetric saw a chance to help.



Vitus Rejser has installed the bmetric conversion platform, that continues to improve their customer service. The platform gives access to a range of opportunities to engage with visitors at the right moment. With the use of specific business rules, the platform identifies and engages with visitors, who have shown a real interest in buying, but have a high likelihood of not converting online.

Vitus Rejser experienced great results from day one, and today 18% of all online leads is created through the platform, and more than 50% of these leads are converted into sales.


Signe_P_320“Customers have an increased desire to seek more information themselves, combined with a strong expectation for a good personal purchasing experience. At bmetric we have a partner, who understands our business.”

Signe Bonde Poulsen (Marketing Manager for Vitus Rejser)


The marketing manager, Signe Bonde Poulsen, adds that: “During the short period that we have used bmetric’s Conversion Platform, we have seen an increase in the number of inquiries. We have been able to convert 50% of those inquiries to sales and our sales consultants also see great value in getting to know about the customer(‘s) journey.”



Vitus Rejser focuses on delivering great experiences to the adult traveler. It is one of the largest travel agencies in Denmark for group holidays to destinations all over the world.


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