In the earlier blog post this week we talked about Exit Intent (Please Don’t Leave: Smart Ways to Use Exit Intent) and how to use it on your website, but what about the mobile solution? Is exit intent a no-go on tablets and phones if the system is tracked by mouse movement? Most certainly not, and with mobile and tablet traffic today, we’re bound to see other similar ideas generated that help against the leaving visitor.

How does it work then? Let’s say a user is visiting your website and looking at your products, but then decides to leave your website and switch the app. Later on the user switches back to the web browser, which brings them back to your website, and then a popup appears.

Why consider using Exit Intent on your mobile then?

[bctt tweet=”Did you know that people spend an average of 3 hours a day on their phones?”] Which is more than they spend on watching TV! It is a perfect opportunity to increase conversions and create targeted messages only for your mobile audience.

But remember to use it in a smart way!  Here are some tips to think of:

  • Timing is everything! Figure out when exactly to engage with your customers.
  • Don’t push it. Try not to go overboard with popups, it can create a reverse effect and instead of converting new leads, you’ll end up losing a lot of visitors.
  • TEST!TEST!TEST! Make your experience mobile ready. Don’t assume that your desktop website works just as well on your mobile. Have look into how user-friendly the experience is.
  • Avoid sounding needy: Don’t beg your visitors not to leave, be creative with it!
  • Just have fun with it! Try to be entertaining and differentiate yourself from your competition.

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