Striving to Shape Onsite Behaviour in New Ways

What’s new at bmetric? We’re creating new ways to shape onsite customer behaviour!


“We have a client who is targeting visitors who have shown interest in several products within the same category – like ovens, refrigerators and washing machines within the ‘Big House Appliances’ category. After looking at 2 different products within this category, a popup with a personalized offer is triggered. This popup encourages potential customers to enter their name, email address, phone number, and comments about what exactly they are looking for to receive the special. On the receiving end, a salesperson receives this email and is able to aid the customer in making a purchase decision by contacting them directly. This tool has proven to be highly effective, and is great for people who are looking to buy more than one item at a time – like buying matching appliances for a brand new kitchen.”


Marcus Grøne, Customer Success Manager



“One travel agency is working to increase sales – specifically sales of business trip packages. The company employs a popup that is only triggered if someone visits the ‘Business Trip’ page for a second time AND scrolls to a certain point. This allows the company to target returning visitors, who are demonstrating behaviour that indicates a more likely conversion. The popup triggers a final ‘nudge’ for the customer by providing Call In or Call Back options, allowing the customer to get in touch with a salesperson in a way that works best for them.”


Christoffer Knudsen, Head of Customer Success



“bmetric is working on a creative solution to a company that operates similar to Netflix. This company releases and announces its release on its website every Saturday at 20:00 However, this announcement is currently done manually by a team member – what an awful way to spend a Saturday night! Rather than having someone change the image on the website to announce its latest release, bmetric is working to set up a popup that is triggered automatically at a specific time. Not only does this eliminate a tedious task, but it will draw more attention the latest episode and ensuring the announcement doesn’t get overlooked. We hope to execute this within 3 to 6 months.”


Janus Lindau, CEO



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