Story of the almighty: Onsite Retargeting

In a perfect world your new website visitors will follow the funnel you have set for them, which leads to interest and purchase. They fill out a form, get your Ebook or an offer and genuinely become interested in your product. All that in one session. A new lead! Before you know it, they are converted into a customer.
I am sorry to disappoint, but in reality that’s not always the case. The journey does not always lead to interest. This is where your website needs a second chance to convert.
And that is where onsite retargeting comes into play.

What is it?

Unlike classic banner ads, onsite retargeting ads are specifically targeted to people that have decided to abandon your site. Retargeting after a visitor has already “left the building” is not always that effective. Studies show that people tend to filter out banner ads. They also cost money, quite a lot in fact. So why not target your visitors before they decide to leave your site?

How does it work exactly you ask?
Simple as 1 2 3:


  1. A visitor comes on your site
  2. They go through your website, get knowledge about your product, but decide to leave.
  3. Exit Intent technology detects “leavers” and a message pops ups. Showing an offer or something relevant to their taste, that can make them change their minds.

So onsite retargeting is way of grabbing your visitor’s attention before they leave.
Why is it so effective?


Because you can do onsite retargeting through different segmentations. What you need to understand is: not all your visitors are the same. The only way this system actually works is by targeting different targets with different messages that are relevant for them.

So gather your data and use it in a smart way!


Here is an example of one of our customers (Vitus Rejser) onsite retargeting message:
An offer was presented to win a giftcard when I was about to leave.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 13.50.01

So I typed in my details.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 13.50.33

Why this is effective? Because it is a good offer. Also, the popup didn’t scream in my face when it appeared. As you can see, it popped up on the right where I was still able to see the website’s content.

Here at bmetric, we provide a platform that helps you detect these leaving moments to onsite retarget. We collect data and help you design the message you want to present in any form you please.

Explore how bmetric can get you more customers!

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