Some high-value customers want to talk to you, but not right now.

With Intelligent Engagement, that’s actually a good thing. This is the joy of callbacks—in 4 steps.

Nudging all of your online visitors to “CALL NOW” is turning some of your leads cold. Let’s start on the right foot with the right customers:

  • Avoid closed call centres,
  • Cut excessive queuing,
  • and turn inbound calls into data-led outbound engagements.

Connect with leads at a time that suits your customers and your call centre, equipped with the data you need to make those calls a success.

The callback function plays another important role in our availability-based engagements. You can learn more about this type of engagement and the framework for other intelligent engagements here.


Intelligent Engagement applies first-party data, to make sure the customers, who need a callback, get a callback. Here’s how.


Callbacks in Intelligent Engagement


Step 1 (the important one):

The customer arrives at your website and begins to browse, search, or read. The decision engine analyses journey data in realtime, to categorise and segment your website visitors.


Step 2:

This particular lead looks interested. Our Customer Success department works with you to define what signs of interest might look like in your customers. For instance, the customer has spent over X amount of time researching some of your higher-value services. But they’re not following through with the online sales flow. So, what’s the next best option to convert this lead?


It really depends on the customer and the availability of your channels. In this case, a phone call with a knowledgeable sales assistant would be perfect. But your call centre has just closed for the day. This is just one of the cases in which a callback is the “next best action” to convert this lead. This the kind of complex, real-time, decision-making that Intelligent Engagement’s Decision Engine is built for.



Step 3:

Now that a callback has been determined as the next best solution, Intelligent Engagement presents a tailored engagement—with a matching call to action—to prompt the customer to leave their phone number, so they can be called at a better time.


Our engagement can be fully tailored; copy, CTA, branding, sizes, shapes, and movement can all be completely customised (down to the pixel), across an unlimited number of campaigns.


Step 4:

The callback lead is stored in your CRM, furnished with the appropriate online journey data, to make the callback a success.


From here, you now have the data to make a success of this next sales or service call. Assign your brightest and best call agents to assist, sell, upsell, or cross-sell, with data-led finesse.

  • Increase sales, intelligently: Engage the right customers, at the right time.
  • Upsell with finesse:  The power of  Intelligent Engagement for data-led customer contact.
  • Always be connecting: With intelligent callbacks, you’ll can wake up to fresh-baked leads.


Callbacks are just one of the many intelligent channelling possibilities available with bmetric’s Intelligent Engagement technology. Download the brochure to learn why Intelligent Engagement could be the solution to fully integrate your contact centre.

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