Shaping Online Customer Behaviour: New Features, Tips & Tricks

bmetric updates, tricks & future plans.

We want our customers to stay up to date with all that is happening at bmetric. So, we’ve decided to give you the inside scoop – a look at what is truly happening in our company: tricks, updates and future plans.

New Feature: Basket-Value Based Prompts

This feature is for getting new customers.

The feature allows you to set a certain price, such as 30$, that your new customer shopping on your site needs to pass; in order for this feature to work. But it’s not as simple as that. So if the basket value is 30$, but for some reason the new customer decides to leave instead of checking out – a popup is triggered. There could be tons of reasons for trying to leave, but number 1 reason is always the price, which is why this feature gives results. Because the popup offers a coupon to save money.
Why is it so effective? First of all you give out a discount when a new customer is in doubt, so this is a good way of nudging them to convert. It’s a sweet deal that is hard to resist to a lot of people.

MarcusMarcus Grøne (Customer Success Manager)

New Feature: Friend/Referral Discount

A feature that is able to get you new customers through your existing one’s.

This feature is shown only to customers that are logged into your system. It is shown 5-6 times (depending on how many times you want it to be shown) a month and then it never shows again. Basically it is a small popup that is triggered right after a customer logs in.

The popup lets the existing customers sign up their friends to get for example a: discount, free month trial, a similar product they bought etc.

Why is it so effective? Because you get new customers. When an existing customer is satisfied with a certain product then they tend to tell their friends about it anyway, why not use that online?


Christoffer Knudsen (Head of Customer Success)

What’s Next: Taking Personalization to the Next Level

A feature for new & existing customers (fans)

Your company is probably aware of where exactly your audience is coming from (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc). Why not use it in a way where not only would you be rewarding your company’s fans, but you would be getting new ones as well.

The very important thing about using this feature is: avoid the creepy factor! Meaning – don’t tell your customers that you know which sources they are coming from. For our business at bmetric it makes sense to use it, because that is one of the things that we work with and track.

For example:


For bmetric it is a way of impressing our website visitors; so they would get interested in how we target specific visitors (as seen in the example).

For other kind of businesses, it makes sense to use it in a way where you don’t reveal the facts, but you use them in a smart way. For example: if you promote a certain T-shirt on Facebook then only people who click on the link from Facebook get a discount code for that shirt. So it is an unique message just for them.

Why would it be effective? It’s a great way of either saying thank you to an existing customer/fan or welcoming new customers/fans.


Janus Lindau (CEO)


At bmetric, we are constantly striving to further develop our proven software solution that can be used across your entire company to personalize user journeys.

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