Second screen – Engage TV viewers on your Website

Our behaviour while watching TV is constantly changing. [bctt tweet=”It’s no big news that these days smartphones/tablets are the essential companion while watching TV”]People actually tend to use second screen to search for info about what they’re watching (most of the times) – commercials included.

Why do I point out commercials? Because we see this as a perfect opportunity for businesses to increase conversions. Here is an example:

This is a guy named Tom.
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He is a Marketing Manager at a small company in Copenhagen. Tom has been saving up money for a new car and is now ready to invest in one. But he is still unsure about the kind of car to invest in. And like everyone else, Tom always carries his smartphone around.


So while Tom is watching his favourite show on TV, he sees a car commercial that catches his interest. Because he is on his smartphone already, it is easy for Tom to go on the car website he just saw.

Second Screen

The homepage has the same car he just saw on TV, so Tom doesn’t have to find it. He taps on the car, which leads him on another landing page that provides him with more information. Tom is sure he just found his potential car.

As you see: Tom didn’t spend any time trying to find the product on the website. He got the information immediately that he wanted and therefore his interest in that specific product grew.

The strategy?

For this particular case: if the car commercial is on at 6pm, the homepage is set to be focused on the product shown for the next 15 minutes. This way people, who catch interest, see the product that was just advertised. This method is particularly set for new visitors. So the segmentation has to be very specific. Make sure you know exactly who you target.

Research has shown that if visitors of your website need to spend too much time on finding the product they are interested in, they simply leave. So if they see your commercial, but then fail to find it on your website, it’s a lost conversion.

Why is it effective?

Google put a name to this kind of behaviour: Crucial I-Want-To-Know moments. These kind of moments happen constantly, when people are watching TV and something specific catches their interest and they need to know more. Brands just need to figure out what exactly triggers their audience the most.

Second screen searchers present a huge opportunity for marketers. Use it.

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