Relevance & Timing: The Missing Links to a Higher Conversion Rate

Every month the marketing department sits down with the customer success team to talk about our latest updates, features & future plans at bmetric.

This month we are focusing on relevance & timing. Why? Because it is the most effective way to get conversions online.

Companies need to understand that a successful CRO depends on communicating value and relevance. Here are some of the ways we have been helping our customers target the most relevant audience online.  


  1. An offer you can’t refuse

The secret to effective pop-up use is of course presenting relevant content. You want to offer something that is worth the interruption for your audience. (Read more on how to make pop-ups more relevant on your website here)

One of our travel agent customers does just this. They target visitors who have looked at certain pages about the Arctic’s for a pop-up offer with a discounted trip to Greenland. This is an overall expensive trip, which can leave many people in doubt as to whether they should purchase it. So this is a perfect opportunity to swoop in with a pop-up offer and secure the conversion.

What makes the offer even more effective because it is time limited. This creates a feeling of urgency for people who receive it.

An example of a limited time offer, source: airarabia
An example of a limited time offer, source: airarabia

Bear in mind that time limits only work if the offer is extremely relevant to your audience. Otherwise you lose trust.
Why is this feature so effective? If the offer is relevant, then your audience is most likely to react to it.

Marcus Grøne (Customer Success Manager)

2. The magic of onsite retargeting

Second chances are rare in online marketing. Website visitors are likely to ignore your messages if you try to retarget them offsite. This is a result of “banner blindness”, a phenomenon that makes people subconsciously ignore information that is presented as an advertisement banner.


[tweetthis]Did you know that using onsite retargeting, rather than offsite retargeting,can decrease your PPC costs by up to 50%?[/tweetthis]

By using onsite retargeting, you are able to engage visitors based on their behaviour on your site. This means that you can target them with the kinds of relevant and personalised messages that will make them most likely to convert.

One of our customers offers different kinds of tv packages. They only retarget visitors who have spent a certain amount of time on one of their pages. As a result, our customer only engages website visitors who have shown sufficient interest in a particular product.
Implementing onsite retargeting is simple:Onsite retargeting


  1. A visitor comes on your site
  2. They browse through your site, get knowledge about your product(s), but eventually decide to leave.
  3. Based on their behaviour, a relevant message is triggered to help them change their minds.


Why is it so effective?

Because onsite retargeting is segment specific. Every visitor is different and needs to be treated accordingly.

Christoffer Knudsen (Head of Customer Success)

3. Complex made easy

Generating leads is great, but are you making sure that your leads are qualified opportunities? Leads are most useful when they can be converted into sales. One of our newest features is designed to help one of our customers, a cable company, sell a wide range of broadband and TV packages. They are in a position where a lot of their products can’t be offered to everyone. So it is a complex product to sell online. Our feature helps this cable company generate qualified leads. These leads are then sent to sales agents. Based on website segmentation, the sales agent is able to get information on exactly what cable product a lead is interested in. This makes it easier to close a sale.

Why is it so effective? With over 6000 co-op deals, some companies find it hard to identify the one best suited for a particular customer. By setting segments and analysing the behaviour of your customer online, you end up getting the most relevant qualified leads, and those that are easiest to convert.


Janus Lindau (CEO of bmetric)


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