Real-Time Unique Offers

New feature: Real-Time Unique Offers

It is important for brands to always improve their online customer engagement and omnichannel experience. As 21st-century customers are accustomed to doing a lot of research online to know if they are getting the best deal and service.

With bmetric’s new feature, launching this October, you can begin targeting your website visitors with unique offers based on their specific network, thus identifying the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

This feature is specifically a game changer for telecoms. As they can target people that are not customers of their network yet. Therefore increasing conversions with special offers and services.

It can also be used as an extra variable when understanding the habits of users, segmenting masses into individuals and giving you information about the location of your visitors, the type of network they use and the company network from which the user is visiting your site.

Here is an example of how company Y increased its conversion rate.

Company Y is the subsidiary of company X. Meaning, company Y isn’t allowed to steal company X customers. But company Z is one of the biggest competitors for Y.

Unique offers by company Y

By using bmetric’s new feature, it’s easy for company Y to not interfere with company X business. Y also knows that Z does not provide their customers with the best customer service. Therefore Y has an advantage of offering people who are Z customers with offers such as: We are known for our good service / We offer the best customer service etc. This way Y has an advantage of convincing potential customers. Therefore increasing their conversion rate.

The advantages of these type of engagements:

  • Revenues are increased by ensuring promotions and offers are personalised, timely and relevant
  • Conversion rates are 10 times higher for individualised promotions and offers made in real time
  • When subscriber engagement is personalised and targeted, brand perception is improved and churn is reduced
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