Pro Tips for Customer Journey Improvement

bmetric updates, tricks & future plans.

In November we announced the launch of our conversion platform. Now we want to give you a peek at what is truly happening in our company: tricks, updates and future plans to improve a customer’s journey.


Discount Bonanza: Discount Coupons for Different Segments

This function analyzes exactly what your customers put in their shopping baskets. If they decide to abandon their cart, our exit intent technology comes to the rescue. This means that if the visitor shows signs of leaving, a popup offering a coupon in exchange for their email address will appear. The offer that would then be sent to them via email, will be personalized – what they previously had in their basket!

Why is it so effective? Because you don’t end up giving the same offer to everyone.  It also increases the feeling of urgency or you are able to up-sell your products; however, this is based on which kind of coupons you are going to use.

MarcusMarcus Grøne (Customer Success Manager)


Success Pages – Geographically specific

Basically if your website visitors put data in your website, they would be lead to the “success page”. This is a page where we place a cookie. When we place that cookie, then we know who to target in what way. This means that a potential customer who can’t be a customer right now (you target people from Denmark, but they are from India) would be lead to a page that states: we can’t help you right now.

Why is it so effective? We don’t want your business to get the wrong type of leads so this is why these “success pages” work so great. With this system we target new customers specifically, so we filter out your existing and customers.

ChristofferChristoffer Knudsen (Head of Customer Success)


Margin Analysis – Future plan

We are hoping to set up a system where your visitors can be categorized based on their basket content. There would be 3 categories based on price: 1 being the lowest margin & 3 being the highest. So if based on the items, the visitor belongs in category 1, then they would be given an option to call a top salesman. That salesman will of course try to sell category 3 items. Same goes for margin 2.

Why would it be effective? Because you end up selling your most expensive items to people who weren’t even considering it.

We hope to do this within 3-6 months.


Janus Lindau (CEO)


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