Power-up your website by using segments in Google Analytics

Using segmentation in Google Analytics is a way to examine if different visitor types behave differently on your website. By default Google Analytics has a broad range of segments available such as New Visitors, Returning Visitors and the most commonly used Sessions. But you can also create your own segments and by doing so, find out if visitors taking certain actions on your website have a different flow than visitors taking other actions.

Actions might sound a bit broad and abstract, but it can be defined by triggered goals and events in Google Analytics. Two such goals, and thereby segments, could be visitors who called (by using our CallTracker) or visitors who booked online (triggered an event by pushing a button or by seeing specific receipt screen).

In other words, by using customised segments you can isolate visitors who called or who booked online and focus on their behavior without the noise of other segments.

Other uses of visitor segmentation in Google Analytics could be to analyse why people are calling. What has been their flow before they called? What is the typical conversion path? Does it differ from that of other visitors (other segments)?


Popular reports with customised segmentation

A segment such as “Visitors who Called” is very useful to gain a focus on call performance without noise. When using most reports with this segment, you can concentrate on optimising channel performance for phone calls and increasing conversion rate on your site. In short, segments makes it easier to concentrate, and gives a better overview, when working in Google Analytics.

However, a few reports might be of special interest.

One of them is the Audience and Overview tab that is especially useful when comparing to other segments (such as people booking online or other sessions). Here you can find out if Visitors who Called spent longer or shorter time on the site or if they have more page views before conversion than other visitor segments.

Use this insight to learn more about your visitors: did they search a long time for a phone number? Did they ignore information presented on the site? Can you motivate people to call earlier in their decision making?

Another important report is the Audience and Visitor Flow.

In this report it is possible to select a secondary dimension.

This could be anything but examples could be Medium, Countries or Browser.


By selecting one of these dimension along with the Visitors who Called segment, you are able to gain insight into what the flow through your pages has been for visitors calling. All of it sorted by the dimension chosen; say if you have chosen medium, you can analyse if different mediums result in a different behavior and compare them to other segments and their behavior.

Use it to identify if some channels perform better than others. Do you need to focus more on a specific channel? Close down others? Maybe some browsers have difficulties on your site, do they tend to call more often? The devil is in the details and increasing your conversion rate while improving customer flow and satisfaction will do wonders for your business.


How to set up customised segments in Google Analytics

The easiest way to create a new segment is to open your Overview in the Audience tab.


Press the small arrow left of Sessions and select Create New Segment.



You can include a whole range of filters, but a simple one is to choose only people who called.
In order to do so select Conditions and in the first dropdown menu and search for bmetric CallTracker Completions (… or whatever you called the goal. The goal number can range from 1 to 25) and choose per session equal to or larger than 1.


In the upper left corner you can name your new segment.

Click Save.

You are now able to select this segment and examine how they behaved on your website.


Gain insights by using segmentations

Get to know your customers by using segmentation-data. Not every customer is the same and shouldn’t be treated the same in order to optimize and improve your website.

By using bmetric CallTracker data you can segment customers calling and by doing so make sure that they get a better experience when visiting your site.

If you are curious on the opportunities and insights you can gain by using bmetric CallTracker don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re ready to receive your call and help however possible. Also bmetric’s new product Groowy benefits greatly from being able to segment behavior of your different visitors.


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