The term Exit Intent has been growing in popularity over the last few years, but what is it exactly? Exit Intent (also known as Exit Popup or Exit Overlay) monitors mouse movements on a website and detects when a visitor shows signs of leaving your site. When those visitors are detected, an Exit Intent is triggered to capture an otherwise lost conversion.

It is a technology that is supported at the Bellmetric conversion platform and with our help it is easy to get started, but what is more important, is HOW you use it. By using this technology, you are able to convert more of your visitors into customers. So the question is: How to use it in a smart way?



popup4 (1)

A simple discount offer, like the one above, can easily improve revenues by up to 10%. But you do not want to just hand these out freely to every website visitor. With this tactic you need to be specific with your segmentations, otherwise you will damage your brand and drive non-loyal shoppers. In order to successfully reach your precise target, divide a market into similar and identifiable segments. Consider segmenting by referral source, country, new/return visits, number of days since last visit and more.

The smart takeaway: Reward your most loyal customers, which shows them that you value their custom and that they are important.





Engage your customers live! 48% of your visitors have unanswered questions and a personal connection adds the missing element to completing an online sale. 80% of consumers prefer talking to an agent on phone, because it makes the customer experience more personal and it brings the visitors back on the site.

The smart takeaway: Offer help, instead of selling something, you don’t want to be too pushy.



Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 17.12.51


If done right, exit popups are incredibly effective at building valuable email lists.

[bctt tweet=”A simple personalized message asking users to subscribe, can convert 2-10% of visitors”]

Remember to take segmentation a step further with this tactic, collect more information about your visitors. By going more into detail, you have an opportunity to more effectively personalize the outgoing emails.

The smart takeaway: Target this offer at the right time to first time or repeat visitors and place it on your home, product or blog pages.



Remember that this technology needs to be tested continuously to find the best solutions that work for your visitors. Keep in mind that you should find ways to differentiate yourself from others – be fun and creative with your content! Attract your visitors back to your website in a nice, creative way instead of begging them not to go.

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