Bellmetric is now bmetric!


Bellmetric has expanded its platform and technologies – it’s no longer just a call tracking company, but a holistic business solution designed to shape onsite behaviour. As a result, the company has adopted a new name: bmetric. Take a look around the website to see our new look and messaging!


“ Our new name and website is meant to emphasize one of the core values in the solutions we deliver – being data-driven. Data that is actionable and used operationally as well as strategically for and by our customers. We are also adapting a more internationally recognized top level domain to signal our increasingly international customer base.”

– Janus Lindau, CEO of bmetric


Why have we changed our name? To best showcase the capabilities of bmetric’s platform and support us in our goal of expanding into the UK market. The new site will act as a resource for existing and future customer. Providing high quality resources – in addition to offering fully managed implementation and assistance in day-to-day operations.

New messaging on our site emphasizes the ways in which bmetric can add value to all areas of a company – marketing, sales and customer service. Adding value to these areas is accomplished by shaping the onsite behaviour of your customers by motivating customer action, nudging visitors towards sales, and predicting the unique needs and desires of customers.

Our new technology offers in depth explanations of the platform’s three-module functionality, as well as its flexibility and easy-to-use nature. (Read more here) With a wealth of information about the platform as well as the technology and team that back it, the new site will act as a resource for existing and future customers.


It’s important to note that despite changes to our name and look, these updates do not affect current services by any means.


For any questions regarding bmetric’s recent changes, feel free to contact us at


bmetric – technology to shape onsite behaviour!

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