The importance of a user-friendly technology

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A more user-friendly booking flow

This feature targets people who have visited a certain page of your site. For example, on a travel website, this feature can be implemented in the booking process. Timers are set at the different stages that visitors progress through while booking a trip. These timers trigger a message for a customer service call-in or call-back. Such messages are also triggered for people who leave in the middle of a booking process. This feature is extremely effective, because it helps people who might have urgent questions or complications.

Why so effective? Booking a vacation is understandably a complicated process. This is why travel agencies tend to have a long booking flow with a less user-friendly experience. Our feature not only helps customers to reach the final level of the booking process, but it also helps pinpoint the place in the process where visitors tend to leave. One of our customers used this feature to achieve 1 lead per 30-40 views. This is a very high conversion rate.


Marcus Grøne (Customer Success Manager)

Last-minute deals your customers can’t resist

Want people to buy more products? Say no more. Let’s say your online customer has both a black and a white t-shirt in their basket. A 2 for 1 deal could be triggered, IF they buy now. It is an immediate deal that your customer needs to take right away.

Why so effective? Research has shown that a lot of people put things in their shopping cart, but then leave without completing the purchase. An immediate deal can and will change their minds.


Christoffer Knudsen (Head of Customer Success)

Future plans – never ending tests to improve service

We conduct A/B split tests for a lot of companies to identify the website features that work best. Right now we are using a split test to figure out whether a direct email sign up is more effective than a “click to a website” signup. Test A: a popup where you can type in all your info. Test B: a big popup where you need to click a button that leads you to a site where you can fill out all your info.

Why so effective? Split tests are always effective for a more user-friendly approach. This test will reveal if people are willing to be directed to a separate signup page. Otherwise a signup option can instead be offered as a popup.

User-friendly Janus

Janus Lindau (CEO)


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