How Macy’s Got It Right – Conquering Omnichannel

Omnichannel is truly paying off for Macy’s, they have completely stepped up their game when it comes to their customers shopping experience.

Recently Macy’s found that customers who engage with them in an omnichannel are 8X more valuable than those who shop within a single channel. Their goal was simple: they wanted to help their customers shop whenever, wherever and however they prefer and to use the entire inventory of the company to satisfy that demand.

The customers today are expecting a better cross-channel experience and Chief Omnichannel Officer R.B Harrison knew Macy’s needed to make a major organizational change to keep up.

“Our goal is to provide our shopper with the best experience in whatever way she chooses to interact with us: mobile, desktop, store, or all of them together.”

-R.B.Harrison, Chief Omnichannel Officer for Macy’s

Macy’s satisfies their customers with tons of new options, such as: apple pay, same day delivery, buy-online and pick-up in store initiative. This shows how, because of the evolving technology, you need to step up your game, customers are expecting these options nowadays.

Have a look in this clip below how the 150-year-old department store adapted its modern core audience: 25-54 female Omnichannel shoppers:

Our take on Macy’s success and why it matters

We love how Macy’s understands the new wave of customers who utilize this shopping and how big of an impact it made in their sales. This shows how omnichannel is the future and what companies need to be focusing on. Macy’s isn’t the only company making use of micro-moments and omnichannel strategies. We have seen the importance of tracking where the customer is headed. How? Because we have helped European companies do the same and have seen how necessary it is to catch your customer in their micro-moments. Those are the moments when you mostly want to be seen, because that’s the part where preferences are built. It is important to tackle it now because it’s all real-time and everything is on demand and you don’t want to lose your sales. We see it as an option to generate more leads and as you can see from Macy’s success and our experience – It works! [bctt tweet=”90% of consumers will use multiple screens to accomplish their goal”] Why not use that to your advantage and catch them on the right channel as Macy’s did? Delivering a seamless experience is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a “must do”.

Macy’s micro-moments

For Macy’s, those moments could come in the form of a customer showing an in-store employee a product they had seen on their mobile. This can result in trying/inspecting the product or purchasing it straight away. More so, each micro-moment must connect consumer intent with the desired outcome, so they need to be identified.

We see this as an opportunity to look into even more possible moments that can accure. Don’t be that keen on micro-moments just happening on phone, as we have emphasized plenty of times: keep in mind all the channels!

Omnichannel: the future

Macy’s adds that they are going to remain committed to this strategy and will carry on learning from their experiences so that they can continue to succeed in this environment. Keep an eye on Macy’s, because we see them as a total game changer when it comes to omnichannel experience.  

Start investing in your business to succeed, because omnichannel is the future.

“Micro-moments”: situations where you reach for your mobile/tablet to learn, find, do or buy something. Google has categorized all of the various micro-moments into four types: I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy. More here: 4 moments every marketer should know.


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