How Codan used bmetric to improve return on marketing investment

Codan is the third largest insurance company in Scandinavia – in Sweden and Norway called Trygg-Hansa and is a part of the international RSI Insurance Group.

“The Missing Link” Between Online and Offline 

Codan Insurance have always worked to improve the customer’s digital journey. They have focused on giving the customer the optimal information to choose and purchase the correct insurance online. Especially since online is such a cost effective sales solution. But for Codan, the most important objective, is satisfying customer desires and providing the best possible service. And so it is important that customer preference, in regard to contact method, is satisfied when the customer is trying to decide on insurance. This is where bmetric CallTracker comes in, allowing Codan to learn more about the connection between digital activities and the telephone calls generated by them.


Digital Campaign Manager of Codan, Michael Herold Olsen, explains about the great advantages Codan now has, after integrating bmetric Call-tracking in their work with digital customer contact:

“We know that our customers often shift between several different channels of communication, online and offline, before they decide to purchase insurance. Because of this it is important that we constantly give the customer the best possible options for continuing their process, so that they feel assured they are buying the right insurance. With better information on a customer’s desire to contact us we have better options for helping the customer. And so it is extremely valuable for us that we can measure and record the customers journey across both online and offline contacts.” 

Data Driven Optimization 

For a long time, Codan has been measuring how many calls in total were generated by their various campaigns. But what it takes to generate more and better leads has been impossible to measure. The agreement with bmetric about call-tracking is there to improve the telephone as a means of communication with the customer and to create a clear image of which traffic sources, campaigns, and sections of the company website that generate calls.

bmetric CallTracker is the missing link between online marketing and offline conversion. It allows marketing, customer services and sales to document and optimize sources that generate – or don’t generate – calls, as well as tracking a path-to-call across the company website.

Codan has chosen bmetric CallTracker because it is incredibly easy to implement on the company website. It took only a few hours for Codan to implement on their entire website and start using the solution with their webanalytics toolset.

A Brilliant Evolution with bmetric CallTracker 

The value of bmetric CallTracker is not solely from mapping and documenting the offline effects of Codan’s digital activities. The most tangible result of the new system is that Codan’s digital marketing department can work directly with developing offline leads, since it is now possible to document the effect of digital campaigns.

“The improvements in the effect of our campaigns has been amazing. After the implementation of bmetric CallTracker we have increased our offline conversions from digital campaigns with 800% from one campaign to the next – in part because we are now able to measure the effect of content optimizations. Suddenly we can see how each subpage of the campaign site performs, which gives us much better information about our campaigns.”

Says Michael Herold Olsen From Codan.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.44.25

Through the optimization of content on the sites, and call-to-action, we have managed to get hold of customers who were uninterested in making online contact. These phone contacts are in addition to the usual amount of online sales. In fact, online sales have gone up slightly, further showing that the additional phone sales are from customers who would not have retained contact with Codan otherwise.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.44.34

A large part of the explanation behind the increase in calls can be found in the optimization of call-to-actions and site content. But another part of the explanation is that traffic generated through specific campaigns and landing-pages, which is converted through calls on other parts of the homepage, can now be tracked and linked to the specific campaigns. This ensures continuity between marketing efforts and actual results.

By looking at what sources have generated calls, as well as how and when these calls have been converted on the sites, Codan now has much clearer information about which sources provide the best conversions. And since the volume of calls generated by online efforts is now more visible, the importance of measuring the ability of the sources to generate calls, has likewise increased.

Michael Herold Olsen from Codan explains: 

“We know that a phone call is a very valuable conversion. But as a general rule we want customers to visit our online sales flow where the calculation of prices can be an important element in their decision making process – and preferably we want customers to make the purchase online. But now we can begin to document the connection between our marketing activities, customer online behavior, and phone calls, which makes us capable of targeting our work, to a much higher degree than earlier. In the end it is about giving the customer the best possible experience, while optimizing our efforts so that we can limit our expenses.” 

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