Get your eCommerce website ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Battle high bounce rates

The biggest revenue opportunities of the year: Black Friday (27th November 2015) and Cyber Monday (30th of November 2015). If you haven’t started to prepare your ecommerce site, now is the time. You want to make a good impression for new visitors.

Start planning on how to battle high bounce rates, because it is the biggest conversion killer.

[bctt tweet=”Did you know that the average bounce rate is 34%? – according to ClickTale.”]

At bmetric we have discovered how engagement on a site lowers bounce rate. So by increasing engagement you’ll increase conversions. How to do that? Here are some strategies that ensure Black Friday/Cyber Monday success.


First things first – Optimize your pages for all devices

People are always on the go and that makes them spend more time on their phones/tablets. Desktop optimization is no longer enough! So you don’t want your website visitors on mobile to have a bad experience – optimize!

[bctt tweet=”It was reported in 2014 that 33.7% of e-commerce sites had traffic from mobile and another 12.4% from tablets.”]


Catch attention & check your page loading time

First impressions matter. These days your website visitors tend to be impatient. Usually after 8 seconds the majority of visitors leave. The issue here is to figure out what your audience finds engaging.

Think of ways to create a call-to-action that your customers are definitely interested in. E-mail marketing is one way to drive conversions. Plan an email marketing campaign for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Let people know what items are going on sale and what promotions will take place. But make sure the right customers get the emails, segment.

Because modern consumers are so impatient, don’t forget to check your page loading time. Because if it takes too long they will leave before even seeing what you have to offer.


Personalized messages / offers

Remember to use Exit Intent technology in a smart way! By creating popups that are relevant for the visitor, you can quickly boost conversions and average order value. But for that to work: it’s necessary to figure out which content is most effective for each audience segment. That makes it easier to personalize.


Increase urgency for a product

Cart abandoners spend 55% more when remarketed. With Exit Intent technology you can entice visitors to take action before they abandon your site. Create an attention grabbing “last chance offer” that can create an urgency to buy the product. Everyone likes a good deal. What better day to create the “urgency” feeling then on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, it’s a special occasion for shopaholics.


Improve customer service

What you also need to understand is that you can’t just let your customers go through a typical shopping funnel. Your ecommerce site needs to be present for questions that may arise. An experts advice can truly make a difference and a sale. Besides facts show that 80% of consumers prefer talking to an agent on the phone. So let your visitors have a call-in / call-back option that helps them with their decision. Not only is this for making your visitors stay on your site longer, but it is also creates a meaningful long-term relationship with them.


Last and most important: Attract the right visitors!

You have to know exactly who your target group is to target them right. Those visitors are the most important. They can create word-of-mouth and they will keep visiting your site again and again. Don’t just assume people will buy from your website, just because it’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday,


Need a hand?

Customer success matters to us. Learn more here about our conversion platform.

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