Different types of online shoppers & how to win them all (Part 2)


It’s nice to put a face to a name – or in the case of solving your company’s cart abandonment issues, matching the data you’ve collected to a persona.

bmetric has already introduced you to the ‘Researcher’, the infamous ‘Window Shopper’ and the ‘Browser’ here… but did you know there are three more online shoppers with unique needs and personalities that can be identified?

We know that identifying different types of online shoppers is important, but the real question is: how is it going to help improve your business? Well, insights about your company’s online visitors can lead to:

  • The creation of more tailored, targeted content;
  • Adjusting the checkout process to better suit your customers’ needs;
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment; and
  • Increased sales!

Are you ready to learn about three more types of online shoppers? Ready. Set. Go.

  1. Hipsters

These kind of online shoppers are all about what is hot, fresh and in style. They can spend a lot of money on high end retail brands.
This type is mostly common in: fashion, technology industry or any that is rapidly changing.


  • Hipsters want to stay updated with the latest trends. That can be done by sending emails to existing customers or offering first time visitors to sign up for a newsletter.


  1. Hunters

Someone who decides to one day buy something specific, such as a white Iphone 6 phone cover. From there, it’s a matter of “hunting” down that phone cover at a reasonable price and paying for it as quickly as possible.

  • These moments can happen wherever or whenever. Make sure your mobile experience is as great as it is on desktop.
  • Again, testimonials! In a study by google: more than half of millennials surveyed said they check product reviews on their phones while shopping. For example: Youtube has become one of the top source for reviews. No wonder so many Youtubers get sponsored by big trends.
  1. Impatient ones

This type will simply not purchase your product if the checkout process is too long and complicated. They are all about saving time.

  • Offer an immediate checkout option, instead of asking them to make an account.
  • Make sure your website loads quickly.
  • Make sure your checkout process is as streamlined as possible.


A well-equipped marketer is a successful marketer: and now you have one more set of tools in your arsenal to help combat cart abandonment – today’s most prevalent e-commerce epidemic. The reality is that nobody knows your online shoppers like you do, but at bmetric we hope that by providing some insight about the behaviour of six typical online shoppers, you’re able to reduce cart abandonment through customization. Want to learn more? 

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