Different types of online shoppers & how to win them all (Part 1)


Today’s personalized retail is focused on a great experience that is tailored to each online shopper. Thanks to new technologies that measure the way online shoppers behave, retailers are beginning to understand various customers on their websites.

Each visitor is different and needs to be treated differently. All these insights can build even better strategies that can:

  • Get your business new customers
  • Make the experience even better for existing customers
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

It’s all about building a relationship with your customer. Understanding their habits, moods and emotions.

The following is a list of 6 most common online shopping personalities with solutions to try out.


  1. The Researchers

Shoppers with specific goals in mind, but not a 100% sure what kind of product to go with and from where.


  • Make sure you give enough information about a product. Give a detailed description of it.
  • Provide an option to call-in or call-back. The researcher type can prefer a human-to-human interaction, where he/she gets advice from an expert.


  • Offer testimonials: By simply displaying testimonials from your customers can help eliminate any doubts or concerns a new customer may have.
  • Offer price guarantee: Letting the visitor know that they are actually getting the best deal builds confidence in a decision. This way the researcher might not even consider looking at other websites. With this you can also add a clear refund policy to add even more confidence in the decision.


  1. Browsers

Statistic show that 37% of online shoppers tend to abandon a carton because they were just browsing. They could be new visitors just exploring or customers who have already purchased from your website and liked the experience.


  • An opportunity to collect their personal data. With this information you are able to retarget your visitors. More about the power of retargeting here: https://bit.ly/1Ta9kLt
  • Clean navigation: There is nothing more horrendous than a bad and confusing navigation bar. Make it simple.
  • Gifts and coupons – offer anything that can grab the casual browsers attention. Best in this case are limited-period offers that can trigger an urgency feel to the visitor. Make them an offer they simply can’t refuse.

Call for online shoppers

  • Send wishlist emails – when items are added in their cart or wishlist and they go on sale. shoot them an email informing them about that.


  1. Window shoppers

Window shopper, wanderer who might just be looking for inspiration or are simply procrastinating.

For example: Pinterest is a wanderers shopping mall on the web. There it’s all about the journey. Putting together your own moodboards or wishlists.


  • If it is relevant, be present on Pinterest. Just the other day one of my friends was just looking at shoes until she found something she really desired. That lead her out of Pinterest to finding the brand’s website and price for the shoes.
  • Make it possible for customers on your website to have an ability to save items for later or to create wishlists.


Part 2 here.

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