Defining the Commercial Spectrum: Increasing sales and conversions with positive customer experiences


bmetric Visualised is a series of presentations, including the latest diagrams, infographics and data-visualisations from our work here at bmetric.

In this first post, we’re introducing what we have termed ‘The Commercial Spectrum’.

Click to read bmetric Visualised: The Commercial Spectrum

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ customer journey. A percentage of leads will be lost due to factors internal to the path-to-purchase or service.  The cause of these preventable losses will often boil down to a negative customer experience. The result for your business is lost sales and reduced customer loyalty.

The Commercial Spectrum is a core, within which, customer journeys are most likely to reach either conversion or their appropriate service channel. Many customer journeys do not simply remain within the Commercial Spectrum; these turn into lost leads and once loyal customers.

bmetric technologies provide an intelligent solution to this CX, channel management, and engagement predicament; we call it Onsite Channel Management. Click the link below to learn about Onsite Channel Management, and it’s function within the Commercial Spectrum.

Click to read bmetric Visualised: The Commercial Spectrum

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