Cutting Inbound Calls: The data-driven way

How modern contact centers are intelligently reducing inbound support calls.

There are a few different ways to tackle your inbound support call volumes. Many of the conventional call reduction tactics aren’t sustainable solutions; they disrupt customer experiences and deflect the customers who actually need to talk to you.

The contact centers taking a data-driven approach, to reduce their inbound call loads, are looking into the prior online customer journeys which led to calls—by starting here, you’ll gain real leverage over the kind of inbound call your call center is applied to.

Call Center / Customer Experience Balance

By applying online journey data, contact centers are regulating their inbound in ways that work for the call center and the customers:

  1. Routing the right customers to the right contact center channels, at the right moments, to match contact center resources and availability.
  2. Routing online-focused customers to appropriate online assistance & online self-service channels.

Contact centers that aren’t taking this data-led approach have found that they are merely prolonging their customers’ inbound call efforts. They still receive many of the same inbound calls they tried to avoid; the only difference being, callers are a little more frustrated by the time they do get to the call center.

Without a data-led approach that applies the context of online journeys, conventional call reduction methods (IVRs, Chatbots) become obstacles to customer satisfaction.

At bmetric, we’ve learned that those conventional solutions (IVRs, Chatbots) can become super effective, but only with the right data-led solution to optimize how they are applied.

1. IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition): IVR’s are a great example of a Customer/Call Center effort paradigm. The more they’re tuned to assist your call center, the more they get in the way of customer needs and the customer experience. Menus get longer, and the overt routing makes customers feel like they’re in the depths of a labyrinth of choices and categories.

Solution: Routing doesn’t have to begin on the phone, nor does it have to be led by the customer. Directing a customer’s trajectory can be done in a way that delights the customer. It requires a solution that can adapt online experiences based on each customers’ segment; it’s a big part of what we do here, at bmetric.

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2. Promote self-service channels: In short, one doesn’t simply “promote” self-service channels. You can lead a horse to water, you can even bring the water to the horse, but you can’t make it drink—unless it’s a thirsty horse. Non-targeted promotion your self-service channels only gets you half of the way. Indiscriminately funneling visitors into online channels is going to be a big waste of your customers’ time, it only serves to aggravate them.

Solution: At bmetric, we’ve found that the lasting impact on call volumes is delivered through data-driven personalization—not heavy, non-personalized promotion. Brands who are taking a data-led approach to promote their self-service channels are delivering the right channels to the right customers at the right time.


3. Finally, of the customers who reach your online channel/self-service channels, how many are actually getting the help they came for?

Evaluating the impact of routing customers isn’t an afterthought, it’s where we discover important opportunities to further optimize and manage your inbound call volumes. It’s part of bmetric’s full-service; we look here to learn what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, what could be done differently in future customer journeys.


By applying the data of the online journeys which are generating your inbound calls, not only do you discover the roots of your inbound, you reveal opportunities to model journeys toward successful, cost-effective outcomes.

If you have a call center, a website, online traffic, and calls that you want to reduce, the data is already there. Your next step is to track and apply it in rigorous journey/outcome testing.

bmetric delivers the full-service solution to do just that.

Site tracking, journey modeling, and optimization are all part of the full-service we deliver via our dedicated account managers. Learn more about bmetric’s Support Solution.

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