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Customers are so used to switching from their computer, to their mobile, to social media, sometimes while (physically) shopping in the shop they’re looking up online, that you can’t limit yourself to any one of these. Companies are realizing more each day that they simply must use consistent, powerful, messages and service, across all channels. This allows businesses to reach the highest number of customers, in the ways they are most comfortable, and it allows you to be available to your customers when and how they find most convenient.

Cross-Channel Consistency

Having consistent service and offering consistent messages across all channels is very important for several reasons.
For your website’s SEO, it’s a good idea to make sure you have consistency in all online listings. If there is even a small discrepancy, the search engines may become confused and list your business under multiple names and domains, diluting your search results.
For user experience, if you want to develop a lasting business relationship with your customers, you should offer consistent messages, style, and service across all channels. You don’t want them getting frustrated that the person in-shop doesn’t know about the online promotions you’re offering, and you don’t want the wondering if they are in the right place, if everything on your website is bright and flashy, but your shop or twitter feed is comparatively subdued.
Not only should your service be consistent cross-channel, but it should also be cohesive. Visiting your shop in person, or telephoning your customer service representatives, should seem like a natural step in the process, and all of the information the customer just gave online at your website should be accessible and available, to simply ‘continue the conversation’ during the next step.

Don’t Limit Your Sales with Limited Channels

By limiting your channels, you’re limiting the value of your product or service, as well as limiting the number of prospective customers you’ll have. By reaching out to the public, cross-channel, you can reach the maximum number of people. And by having every interaction with them a continuation of the previous interactions, you’re creating a loyal bond, and they’re more likely by far to refer you, as well as return, themselves.

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  1. Is it wise to abandon channels which have higher costs but little customer sales? Or Should a company invest in reducing the costs?

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