Traffic & CRO: Driving Traffic that Generates Conversions

Traffic & CRO: Driving Traffic that Generates Conversions

There are so many things happening in the world of marketing – especially when it comes to eCommerce, online shopping, or simply lead generation.

From a marketing standpoint, it is often believed that a website should merely be a point of attraction; you will do everything in your power to create an appealing website, and attempt to drive traffic to it using links like Google AdWords, SEO, generating a ton of content, and building a plethora of inbound and outbound links. As a marketer, these things have become second nature.

But have you ever wondered what happens to the traffic once it gets to your website? No, not the bounce rate – your conversion rate. While a conversion may look different in B2B and B2C contexts, no matter how you put it, if a company is providing a good, service or piece of information in exchange for information about a website visitor-turned customer, your conversion rate matters. You can drive tons of traffic to your website, but traffic doesn’t always translate to sales.

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, one must wear both a sales and marketing hat in order to succeed. Marketers care about traffic, and sales people care about conversions – where they meet is in the optimization of your company’s conversion rate.

Let’s get familiar with the benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

1. CRO lets you spend smarter.

You’re blowing your budget on paid advertising and you don’t have to – it’s only getting more expensive and more competitive. CRO helps develop your existing digital infrastructure to optimize your website and conversion funnel. Spend less and spend smarter.

2. CRO helps you get conversions that matter.
Nobody likes false advertising – especially advertisers! Your site may have lots of traffic, but it might be deceiving…and it might be the reason your traffic isn’t resulting in conversions.

The people who are visiting your website are likely not your ideal customers people! CRO can help get the right visitors and therefore the right conversions.

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3. CRO focuses converting visitors – not just attracting them.

Remember how we said to spend less, but spend smarter? Realistically, CRO is the most budget-friendly strategy because it makes use of the traffic that you’re already getting.

Instead of spending money to drive traffic to your site, CRO can make the best of your existing investments and helps focus time and money on what happens to visitors once they’re on your site – converting!

All in all, the term ‘conversion’ is a fancy way of saying that you made a sale. Sales mean profit, right? The bottom line is that CRO will increase sales by nudging the visitors using targeted content and offers.

Do you need CRO?

Just go ahead and calculate your own conversion rate to find out for yourself.


The average conversion rate ranges between 2% and 4%. Is this where your conversion rate sits?

Well, there is always room to improve – which is where conversion rate optimization comes in handy. Using CRO can help increase conversion by focusing on the potential of the other 96% or 98%. Growth is always good.

New technologies employed by bmetric have allowed us to open a new level and dimension of your website, which allows you to convert at least 19% more of your visitors to customers. Even better, you can use it across your entire company to personalize user journeys and increase customer satisfaction. Here’s how we do it.

What does CRO look like with bmetric?


Audience Analyzer:

We gather data on your website visitors to create specific segments based on their persona or customer journey.

Our platform can also use data from other data platforms.

Trigger Engine:

Every visitor’s needs are different. Our trigger engine works on based on the unique segments created from our audience analyzer.

The engine is now able to target a specific persona with a personalized message in order to motivate a conversion.

Engagement Center:

The personalized message contains a call-to-action, fitting the situation the visitor is in.

We make sure that the potential customer is directed to the correct webpage, email list or customer service agent.


Are you ready to adjust your digital marketing budget to make room for CRO?

To learn more about CRO can help your business, check out bmetric’s whitepaper


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