Creating quality leads for publishers with intelligent engagements

Industry: Newspaper


Market: Denmark

Information is a danish daily newspaper founded in 1945. But as more people consume news online instead of print, Information decided 3 years ago to offer both a digital & print solution for their readers. Now about 29% of their readers are using a digital solution to access Information’s content.

“We have an increased number of digital readers, but our challenge as a media house is that the digital users are used to consuming news for free. So our main goal with our online content is to get readers to become subscribers.”

Anders Heimann Villumsen, Marketing Manager at Information


In order to generate qualified leads Information partnered up with bmetric to implement an intelligent engagement strategy.


  • bmetric helps convert about 4% of Information’s new readers who click on the online engagements.
  • About 25% of signups through bmetric’s offer engagements, stayed as a newspaper subscriber after the offer expired.

The Strategy

We at bmetric provided Information tools that help identify and differentiate between existing customers and unprofiled visitors. This allowed Information to target each segment individually, resulting in personalised engagements with the right offers.

For example if a visitor has been on Information’s website on several occasions then it’s best to engage them with a special offer, like the one below offering a free month trial.

Offer engagement

Our technology has also improved the entire customer experience. For example Information targets their new readers based on topics they are currently reading about. This way the messages with offers seen by the readers feel more personal and appealing. An example of a debate engagement can be seen below:

Personalised offer engagement

With this type of a segment strategy Information only targets people who are already familiar with their brand. Therefore they generate qualified leads.

bmetric’s unique features have helped make a significant increase in our conversion rate. The segments made and personalised messages for our readers are very effective and that of course is really important for a newspaper company.

We are very happy to work with bmetric and feel that they challenge and develop our digital marketing on

Anders Heimann Villumsen, Marketing Manager at Information



Every news publication has a specific audience they cater to and bmetric’s technology helped identify exactly when on an engagement provides value.

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